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World of Solitaire: Freecell

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If you love playing World of Solitaire, you have definitely played the most famous one – Klondike. And sure enough, there are hundreds of thousand websites and mobile apps where you can play a Klondike game but we decided to select some of the most interesting card games and share it with you of.

Enjoy our collection of the most played solitaire games and play them online for free. We have chosen a mix of classic and art variation for Klondike, Freecell, and Spider Solitaire that can be played straight in your browser.  If you want to see any other game, please let us know in the comments below.

Look there is more!

We will share with you our favorite Klondike game for iOS and Android – Solitaire The Game.

Its modern, yet the simplistic design is something that one cannot miss right from the start but the reason for the high rating is app’s performance. Solitaire The Game loads fast, super fast, and its’ stability and performance are just outstanding. For example, we have played over 30 hours, so far, and we are still waiting for the game to crash :). If you like to compete – don’t worry, there is Game Center, so you can compare your results with thousands of other players.

world of solitaire
iOS design. Image source: Mobishape

With over of 50 000 downloads for the first 12 months in the App Store alone, it is sure that we are not the only one that loved playing Solitaire the game. Our only drawback was that the app was available for iOS only, which is not the case now. The app development team at Mobishape must have read our suggestions’ mail as they have released Android version and iOS now supports Apple watch 🙂

 world of solitaire Klondike   

There are enough customizations for even the pickier users. You could choose between Klondike turn one and Klondike turn 3, switch standard, Vegas or cumulative scoring, change the background, cards’ faces and cards’ back, even pick the look of the deck spots.
If you want to mute the app, but not the phone – no worries you can turn off the sounds. And should your phone’s screen is too big to reach the top of the screen Solitaire the game features 2-taps to slide the game down, so you can play with one hand. Another must-have feature is the hint button (just in case you can solve the card puzzle) which is placed at a convenient central location at the bottom.

You can now enjoy the most played game of world of solitaire – Klondike on your device

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Genre: Cards / Casino
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Price: Free
Download: iOS and Android

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