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World of Solitaire: Klondike

If you love playing Solitaire games on World of Solitaire, you have definitely played the most famous one – Klondike. Sure enough, there are hundreds of thousand websites and mobile apps where you can play a Klondike game. Some of them are great, others – well, not so much. I tend to try new Solitaire games once in a while for more fun and new experience and I will share some of my favorites online games at the end of the article. Before that, however, I want to show you a little known but probably the best mobile app for Klondike Solitaire that I have tried.

Solitaire The Game

Addicting games - Solitaire
iOS design. Image source: Mobishape

Solitaire The Game is not the most popular Solitaire app, neither is developed by a big name in the industry (the developer’s name is Mobishape in case you are wondering). There is no option to play Freecell or Spider Solitaire, too – you can only play Klondike. So, you might start asking yourselves “what is then the big deal and why you are featuring the app?” Well, there must be a reason for its top-notch 5 stars’ rating in the AppStore and Google Play and I will give you my perspective.

Solitaire The Game – Performance

The app’s performance is just superb! Not only the game loads super fasts (a second or 2) but it hasn’t crashed for over a year (and counting) and believe me I’ve been playing a lot – over 100 hours so far. Stability and performance are really outstanding and if you hate losing a solved game due to an app crash, you know what I am talking about. And if you close the app by accident – don’t worry it will reopen to where you were.

Solitaire The Game – Design and features

Solitaire the game android

The design is another thing that I am quite fond of, as it is modern, simplistic yet beautiful. The navigation is quite intuitive and comes naturally and it is quite easy to deal with the settings. Turn one or turn 3, standard or Vegas scoring, sounds or mute, animation or no – everything is presented on a single screen for you to select. On the same screen are listed all customization options for the theme. One can easily change the background, cards’ faces and back, and even the deck spots.

One of my favorite perks is 2-taps to slide feature, which slides the playable area down and allows me to play the game with one hand ( my phone’s screen is big or my fingers are short so I can’t reach the top of the screen)

Solitaire The Game – Statistics

If you like to compete (and who doesn’t), there is a Game Center, so you can compare your results with thousands of other players or just check your own statistics from the menu – percentage games won, high score, longest winning streak, average time, the best winning time, moves and more. Another must-have feature is the hint button (just in case you can solve a hard puzzle) which is placed at a convenient central location at the bottom.

Last, but not least, the game is free and there are no intrusive ads. While you are playing a game the full screen is only for the game. The ads are shown between the games and as far as I can tell they are shown every 5-6 minutes or so, which is way better than any other apps I have tried.

Solitaire the game overal rating

Genre: Cards / Casino
Rating: 5 stars
Price: Free
Download: iOS and Android

solitaire the game on android

BONUS: Play World of Solitaire online for Free

Well, that was it about my favorite Klondike app. As promised, I am sharing with you several interesting Solitaire online games – Klondike, Freecell, Spider that can be played straight in your browser.  If you want to see any other game, please let me know in the comments below

World of Solitaire Klondike

World of Solitaire: Freecell

World of Solitaire: Spider

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