Warcraft 3 cheats: Reign of Chaos & The Frozen Throne


Warcraft 3 cheats

All Warcraft 3 cheats are activated during the gameplay. Simply hit “Enter” to bring up the console and type the desired code. Hit the “Enter” button again to see the effect. That’s all.
Keep in mind that these codes will only work on single-player and custom maps.


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Warcraft 3 cheats: Reign of Chaos

Code:                                            Effect:
abrakadabra                                  Makes trees disappear
allyourbasearebelongtous               Instant victory
DaylightSavings.                            Toggle the day/night cycle on/off
greedisgood                                   Gives 500 gold and lumber
iocainepowder                                You will die fast
Iseedeadpeople                              Reveal map
itvexesme                                      You cannot win
keysersoze #                                  Enter the number you want in gold
leafittome #                                    Enter the number you want in wood
lightsout                                         Automatic night
motherland (race) (level)                 Level select, example: motherland orc 05
PointBreak                                      No food limit
riseandshine                                   Automatic daylight
sharpandshiny                                 Upgrade everything one level
somebodysetupusthebomb               Instant loss
StrengthandHonor                           You cannot lose
synergy                                           Disable the tech tree
TheDudeAbides                                No wait time between spell casting
thereisnospoon                                Unlimited mana for troops
warpten                                           Build very fast
WhoIsJohnGalt                                 Enable Research
whosyourdaddy                                God Mode

=                                                    Reenters the last code


Warcraft 3 cheats: The Frozen Throne

Code:                                           Effect:
addlevel [level number]                 Level selecting
allyourbasearebelongtous              Instant win
DaylightSavings                            Toggle the day/night cycle on/off  
greedisgood [value]                      Desired number of Gold and Lumber
iocainepowder                               Instant doom
iseedeadpeople                             Reveal entire map
itvexesme                                     Turn off victory
keysersoze [value]                        Gold i.e. gold 5000 will give you 5000 gold
leafittome [value]                          Lumber i.e. lumber 100 gives you 100 lumber
lightsout                                       Night
maxfps #                                      Sets the frames per second into the set number
motherland [race] [level number]    Level select, example: motherland orc 05
onehundredplus                             Makes the building of Night Elves move faster
pointbreak                                     Units don’t need farms
riseandshine                                  Day
samelevel                                     Make heroes level as same as the strongest
                                                   enemy heroes or creeps
sharpandshiny                               Research all upgrades
somebodysetusupthebomb.            Instant loss 
strengthandhonor                          Continue play after dying in campaign mode
synergy                                        Turn off the Tech-Tree
TenthLevelTaurenChieftain             Play the “Power of the Horde” song 
thedudeabides                              Instant spell performance
thereisnospoon                             Infinite mana 
WarpTen                                      Speeds up the construction of units and buildings
WhoIsJohnGalt.                            Enables research
whosyourdaddy                            God Mode
=                                                Reenters the last code

If you know any code that is not listed here, feel free to share it in the comments section bellow. Thank you.
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