Play FREE online TriPeaks Solitaire

Everyone loves having a good game on his or her device. Don’t you agree? Nevertheless, it is hard not to agree that finding a game that can push you through a boring Monday can be somewhat difficult. There are lots of poor quality and fake games on the internet. Most times producers use appealing posters to deceive new players. Well, you don’t have to let such games ruin your good days. If you are looking for a game that you can’t wait to push through to the next level and one that you can play using any of your devices, then here comes the Tripeaks solitaire.

Tripeaks Solitaire

If you are card game fanatic then this is the game for you. Forget other card games that you have to get home to play. (You can do other things when you get home). With the Tripeaks Solitaire online feature grants you the freedom to play your favorite card game despite your location. You can now play it on your smartphone at the office during lunch, and continue from where you left off on your computer at home. Could it get better than that? Well, Tripeaks got so many goodies for you. There are no subscription or hidden costs. You get this game with its unlimited benefits for free.


The Tripeaks solitaire free game has three categories; three peaks, waste and stock. The aim of the game is to transfer the cards from the three peaks to the waste. Once you complete the transfer then the game will notify you that you have won. If you are not able to make any more moves then the game will consider you to have lost. Nevertheless, you will get an option to undo a step as you try thinking of another move.

With the Tripeaks Solitaire game, you can boost your scores further by ensuring that the moves you make guarantee you higher scores. For instance, you need to ensure that you make fewer moves to get a ‘bigger’ win. Also, avoid using the undo feature too often. Play the pro way.

Tripeaks Solitaire Rules

Like all card games, you can only win if you adhere to the rules. For instance, you can only move cards to the waste only if it has a difference of one with the top card in the waste. Therefore, it would be breaking the rules by trying to move one that has a difference in ranks with more than one. Also, you can only use the cards in the stock once. It is vital that you avoid using them unless you have no other move to make.

Your goal is to remove all cards that are 1 lower or higher in value so as to open cards at the bottom. You can double click to move the cards. If there is no available move, you can draw new by clicking on the deck (next card).

Point of Interest

Tripeaks Solitaire game scores as an interesting game among most card fanatics as it raises the adrenaline like it would in a normal card game with friends at home. Well, why play a game that makes you feel lonelier? Do it the Tripeaks style and experience the love of card game in your life. Here you can find more information about TriPeaks solitaire.

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