Top 7 Newgrounds Games to Try


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It’s the birth of another year. We think it is time you changed those games you played last year to something with a touch of 2019. Newgrounds games offer you the most interesting games you want to play in 2019. You can go straight to the site today for up to date games from a different genre with rich categories – both offline and online games. Or you could keep reading and don’t miss the chance to be ahead of your game lover friends.

The following is a list of the top 7 Newgrounds games that you need to try out.

Newgrounds Helmet Heroes

helmet heroes newgrounds

Well, if you are into action thrilling games then you need to download this Newgrounds game to your mobile device. It is surely a game that will leave you entertained during those banal lunch breaks or as you travel in the train on your way home. 

The Helmet Heroes is an all age appropriate game, which means you won’t have to worry when your child is using your phone. Another considerable fact about this game is that all your kids can enjoy it as they compete to reach higher levels. It involves attacking your enemies with the different weapons that one can buy in the store.


Every player has to have an account that they have to sign in for them to play. It is saddening that once you forget your password, you could have your account locked whereas the help desk takes too long to redress such events.
Play Helmet heroes here for free

Tactical Weapon Pack

Tactical weapon pack

The second game on our top 7 games to try out is this modern warfare game that you are likely to fall in love with. Tactical weapon pack allows you to feel the zeal of being the cast in your own action movie. Do you think you can handle that task? Have you handled a gun before? Well, the authors of the game have a well-drafted tutorial to help beginners take charge of the mission.

Unlike other games, you can customize your weapons to match your specifications. Also, you get a chance to try your weapon first before you get back to the game. (It helps save you from choosing a gun you would otherwise not choose)


The designers didn’t design a full-screen option for all devices. It means players have to remain content with the mediocre screen view. (It’s not all that bad though).
Play free online here

ZS Dead Detective – Walls can bleed

zs dead detective - newgrounds

In the adventure Newgrounds games segment, you should choose to play this zombie featured game. You are going to be the superhero that saves the day. In this game, you have to help Margh solve the different criminal cases that are brought to him in zombie land. 

As you are going to be playing detective, you need to review the evidence you find and the information you gather to solve these murder cases.


It’s a purely online game. (Again, who has all that data to play a point and click game all day?

Additionally, your progress is highly determined by the speeds of the Internet you are connected. A slow one will leave you waiting for the game to load for a long time.
Play free online.

Swipe Skate 2

Newgrounds - swipe skate 2

Fourth, on the top Newgrounds gaming list is the Swipe Skate 2 that will interest the skate lovers. Do you love skating? Do you know someone that does enjoy skating? Well, thanks to Newgrounds games, you and your friends can skate even during the snowy, and rainy days in the comfort of your room. One considerable fact why you are likely to enjoy this game is that the graphics and customization hacks are like no other skating game.

Nevertheless, it’s not a game for skate lovers only. There is an easy to follow tutorial that will guide you into skating for the first time.


The controls for this game are onerous to use.
Try Swipe Skate 2 here.

Big Shot Boxing

Newgrounds - Big shot boxing

In this game, you are a boxer that wants to fight your way to the top. It is not going to be easy, as the other Newgrounds super fighterswant to put you down. Are you ready for the fight? Well, the controls and the graphics for the game make the game worthwhile to play. Don’t forget to put your headphones on so you can hear the crowd effects. 


It’s not a child-friendly game. You wouldn’t want to destroy your child’s deep-rooted Christian values with a game that popularizes the art of war and violence.
Play Big Shot Boxing here for free.

Golden Boot

Newgrounds - Golden boots

It’s sad the FIFA 2018 world cup is over, but don’t worry you can have the Golden Boot for as long as you want. Forget running home to watch the matches, in the Golden Boot, you have the game on the go. All you need to do is get a little bit comfortable, fish out your device and get playing the golden boot. 

It’s all age appropriate game that kids above the age of nine will enjoy playing. Are you a soccer fan? Let every one gather around and let us see who is going to win that golden boot!


At times it is hard to control the direction of the ball after a player has kicked it. It, therefore, feels like its riding on luck.
Play here.


Newgrounds - black - puzzle

Don’t worry if you don’t want a game with too much action. Newgrounds games have something even better for you. Black is the new way to relax after a busy day at the office. Solve the simple but gradually becoming complex puzzles. You can enjoy Black on your android device or play it online.


Most people will find the game enjoyable but not as arduous as they would want. Therefore, they end up completing all the levels in a rather short time. (Who wants to play such a plain- sailing game?)
Play Black here for free

Well, that was our list with the top 7 Newgrounds games to try. If you haven’t found your new favorite online game yet, you might want to check out our list of top 10 addicting games.