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Games involving words are common in modern gaming culture. They mainly test mastery of language and grammar. Here are 2 words games, Text Twist and Text Twist 2 that are available on Crazy games. Dive into the game experience and see how well you understand your language by playing free Text Twist and TT2 now, without downloading it. But first, here is an overview of what to expect in the wordplay.

About Text Twist 2

Text Twist 2 has features that are bringing the game experience close to the same experience as playing Text Twist. However, Text Twist 2 was developed with the user experience in mind. Unlike the older version, this has improved graphics that reduces object lag when the mouse is moved across the screen. Object presentation is also enhanced with a difference being noted when handling the branded balls in the game. The other improvements include a three-mode game that lets the player switch to the desired mode before starting the game. An expanded vocabulary list is another feature that came with Text Twist 2, availing a wide variety of words for use during the puzzle.

How to play

During gameplay, the game is loaded from CrazyGames onto the web browser of choice, with the mouse as the main interaction device between the gamer and the game. One has to click the balls with branded letters in a specific order to try and fill out the grid. The objective is to make a word from the letters paraded at the bottom of the screen. The order in which the letters are clicked determines the word created. Points are earned for each word created and bonus points awarded for secret words found. It is more of a guessing game, thus, the more the words available in your vocabulary, the more the points to be earned.

To Whom It Appeals

Text Twist 2 is not much different from the original game. However, for those who fancy a challenge, the game offers a number of modes to revolutionize the game experience. Gamers who like to work under pressure can opt for the timed game mode while those after fun can engage the slow-paced game in normal mode. With an expanded vocabulary list, the game further appeals to those after developing their language and communication skills. Improved graphics makes the game exciting for those who like to have a fun environment to learn new words, especially for those in the lower age brackets.

Benefits of playing Text Twist

Text Twist 2 helps in learning the English language. While the non-native speakers of English may view the game as hard, Text Twist 2 has more vocabularies than the original game, therefore, widening the scope of understanding of the players. Those new to the English language can find the game a favorable environment to learn new words. English speakers can use the game to increase their understanding and thinking capabilities since the game has a lot to offer in terms of vocabularies.

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Bonus – Text Twist solver

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