7 Amazing Alternatives to Tetris Friends


Tetris Friends

For 11 years, Tetris Friends gave the best Tetris experience in their online platform, www.tetrisfriends.com, until its closure. However, the closing of the platform is not enough to bring forth the end of a legacy. Tetris is perhaps the most instantly recognizable and popular video game ever made. But how a Soviet programmer, working on frail, antiquated computers, create a product which has now earned nearly 1 billion in sales? For those of you who are eager to solve the puzzle, here is a fascinating book to check out – The Tetris Effect: The Game that Hypnotized the World.

The list below provides 7 alternatives to Tetris Friends. So that you can use to enjoy this amazing game as nothing changed.

Tetris Friends Alternative – JSTris

Tetris friends alternative - JSTris

JSTris is a JavaScript-based browser game that was developed by Jezevec10 around 2014. This game has modern rules of Tetris that include some interesting features. For example, a bag randomizer, a hold feature, previews, and SRS rotation systems. Moreover, there is an option to change the block skins. JSTris also gives you the option to choose from a variety of modes that are intended for people with a different likeness to the game.

For instance, the live mode provides multiplayer a chance to battle between each other, while throwing around garbage, until the winner is found. On the other hand, the survival mode tests the survival rate of a player as the garbage lines rise at a rate of 1 line per unit time. There are additional modes, where you can also enjoy JSTris in its entirety.
Play JSTris here.

Good Old Tetris

Good old tetris - tetris friends alternatives

Good Old Tetris! The name says it all. This is the classic Tetris game that originated from the Soviet Union in 1984. The only inclusion is that you can now comfortably load it onto your web browser and have the same old feeling again. The gamer gets to choose the level to start with before playing. Higher levels of the game have the falling blocks coming down at a higher speed. However, the scores given for every row cleared are also increased. The objective of the game is to clear the blocks on the playing area without running out of space. Visit Good Old Tetris and have your childhood memories recreated.

Free Tetris

Free tetris

Free Tetris or Tetris N-Blox provides improved graphics performance and a modern look to the classic Tetris game. The rules of the game remain the same. Matching tiles are removed to create space for more falling blocks. The game ends when there is no more space on the screen to facilitate gameplay. Be sure to employ an effective strategy when the blocks start falling at a higher speed in the later advancements in the level of the game. Find more and play Free Tetris here.

Multiplayer Tetris – Tetris friends alternative

Multiplayer tetris - teris friends alternative

Sometimes, the best way to relive remarkable moments is to involve a friend. That is the objective of Multiplayer Tetris. This variant of Tetris provides players with the option of getting many players onto an online platform to partake in the amazing world of Tetris. Drawing from the basics of classic Tetris, the players have to clear the blocks on the screen to create space for more blocks. If you decide you do not fancy the involvement of friends after the first multiplayer game, choose to take on a solo game when it reloads and you are good to go. Have a look here for a chance for you and your friends to get involved in this online game.

Tentrix – Tetris Friends alternative


Tentrix is a fun-filled and a rather colorful game that is endless so long as you have space to build your block puzzles. The game is meant to favor people of all ages with its choice of complexity and beauty to the eyes. In contrast to other puzzle games, Tentrix does not have the characteristic falling blocks. In this game, the blocks are provided and one has to transfer them from the supply to the canvas.

The canvas marks the field of play and there is no time limit whatsoever. The only expected challenge in Tentrix is to build your blocks at your own pace. You should be on the lookout not to run out of space for the other sets of new blocks. One can opt to start the game over if there are no more moves to initiate gameplay.
Play Tentrix free online.

2048 Tetris

2048 tetris

2048 Tetris is a version of the renowned 2048 number puzzle game, but with a pinch of awesomeness. The game borrows a myriad of its features from the classic Tetris and the 2048 puzzle games to bring the fans of both sides onto common ground. The falling blocks in 2048 Tetris are numbered and can fall either to the right or the left of the canvas until the time runs out.

Collapsing the blocks during gameplay is done in either the left, right or downward direction until the 2048 tile is created. Interestingly, the collapsing of blocks in this game still adds up the sum of the two common blocks that are adjacent to each other, as is seen in the original 2048 game. The game ends when the 2048 tile is found, or there is no more space to develop the tiles.
Try out this amazing variation of Tetris and 2048 here.


In this game, the blocks that are falling have to be arranged in a horizontal line so as to develop the game to higher levels. The main control keys of this game are the arrow keys as they are needed to move the falling blocks into place as desired by the gamer. You will notice that as you play, you get to move from one level to another. The scores also get to increase with the advancement in the levels of play. While Tetrix is seen as an easy game, the levels get harder as the gamer progresses further, thus accounting for an increase in the scores given for each successful level developed. Tetrix is one of the most time-consuming games you will come across when dealing with block puzzles.
Play Tetrix free online here.

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