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About TenTrix

TenTrix is a derivative of the popular puzzle game, Tetris. The definitive difference in TenTrix from the Tetris friends is that you can play at your pace with colorful 3D-style pieces provided to build on the canvas of the game. There is no hurry to arrange the tiles that are falling from the top of the screen to the bottom of the level. This game is meant to appeal to people of all ages with its beauty mixed with a pinch of complexity. To have a better feel of what this is about, try playing free TenTrix online now. Here is a touch of what to expect as you venture into this never-ending game.


TenTrix applies similar rules to the ones in the classic puzzle game, Tetris. TenTrix offers colorful puzzle pieces that are meant to be placed on the canvas. Block patterns take the same shapes that are seen in all the other variants of Tetris. The blocks appear at the bottom of the screen and are dragged to the desired position on the region of play. The arrangement of the blocks is random, with you as the gamer choosing the best positions to place each piece and still have space left for more. Each block takes its own space on the canvas so that two blocks cannot overlap each other.

While the blocks provided appear in different colors, this is not the defining factor in choosing where to place them. For as long as there is a space on the canvas suitable for the block provided, feel free to drag it to that spot. You should take with not that once a move has been made, it cannot be reversed.

Differences to classic Tetris

TenTrix has no end, as long as there is space left on the canvas. Blocks arranged to span the whole length or width of the 10 by 10 matrix provided for play are canceled out and the space left open for placement of more blocks. Unlike the other Tetris friends, the space left after the clearing of these blocks is not filled by the adjacent blocks. Every row or column that is cleared gives you scores. The more rows or columns you clear, the more points you get. Additionally, as the game progresses to higher levels of play, more points will be given for each clearance that is done. If you run out of moves, you can opt to restart the game and hope to get a better strategy to get you through the game for as long as you wish to play.

TenTrix Gameplay


TenTrix offers the easiest mode of playing the game to your satisfaction. Hold down the left button of your mouse with the pointer as an indicator and drag the blocks from the bottom of the screen to the canvas. The blocks can be placed anywhere on the canvas, as long as there is space befitting the shape of the block. Once a block is picked for placement, another block appears, ready for play.

A block that is picked from the bottom of the screen can be placed anywhere in the canvas. Blocks of different colors can be placed next to each other to develop the game. If the blocks cover the whole length of the row or column of the matrix, these blocks are cleared, thus providing space for more blocks to be added to the region of play. Each row or column cleared garners points. If more than one row or column is cleared, more points are awarded in form of bonus points.

Higher levels – higher speed

The more you play, the higher the levels go. In TenTrix, the transition from one level to another is marked by an increase in the speed of the game. The blocks being given at the bottom of the screen appear quicker, prompting you to pick on the pace and build the game more. You have to keep your eyes open since this increase in the speed of the game is meant to make you make mistakes and run out of space in the process. Only those with the best foresight and strategic plans will be able to make it to higher levels of play. And that is where the fun never ends.

If you think you have run out of moves, you can restart the game. Yes, you will have to bear with the slow development of the game in the lower levels of play before you reach the higher speeds of play. Alternatively, you can choose to pause the game and think of other possible moves, if they are there, then come later and try your luck.


TenTrix gives you the feel of the Tetris-style of gameplay that is seen in the other Tetris friends. The blocks used to develop the game take the shapes that you have seen in the other free online Tetris games, with some color on them. If you ask me, you will enjoy the colors of the game more as you play than in any other of the Tetris friends you know.

TenTrix also gives three different block shapes to play at any given time. This feature increases your chances of surviving through the game, especially as the game soars to higher levels of play. However, this does not necessarily mean that the blocks will favor the development in the canvas since the blocks can be of a shape not desired by your strategies.

The other outstanding feature of TenTrix is that you can choose to save the game at any point of play then come back to finish it at will. This comes in handy since as you know, the game never ends.

Tips for playing TenTrix

The best approach in playing TenTrix is to ensure that you place the blocks on the corners of the matrix first. Ensure you do not leave spaces in the canvas within the blocks. Moreover, clearing the blocks on the edges is easier and opens up spaces to place more blocks. Enjoy and check out the other cool puzzle games here.