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Tanki online gameplay

Tanki online is an epic free MMO online shooting game in which you control your own battle tank and try to destroy other player’s war machines in intense fights in the battleground. As you are the commander, it is up to you to choose your tank, customize it and purchase different parts for an upgrade such as armor plating, gun turret, and hull with the ultimate goal to destroy other players in real time battles. You are competing in various game modes, including capture the flag, deathmatch, team deathmatch and control points. The game implements a rank system which helps for better matching and also unlocks new accessories for the tanks – better parts and weapons. The gameplay of Tank Online is smooth with beautiful and detailed graphics and realistic sounds for better war experience.

Tanki online game Features:

  • Awesome 3D maps with realistic objects
  • Opportunity to customize every part of the tank.
  • Upgrade your thank with better accessories
  • The visual appearance of your thank is changing accordingly to the changes in the parts
  • There are supply boxes in the battle which can give you bonuses
  • Different game modes that ensure you have plenty of fun – quick battle, deathmatch, capture the flag, control points, assault, Juggernaut. This is our favorite – one player in battle controls an ultra-powerful tank, called “Juggernaut”. The player who destroys it becomes the next “Juggernaut”. the player who destroys the most tanks wins).
  • A ranking system which allows you to have access to more modes and to unlock new and better parts.
  • Full screen for even better experience


  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Press ZX to move the turret
  • Use C to center the turret
  • Spacebar to fire
  • Press Delete to suicide
  • Esc – exit the Fullscreen


Tanki Online was made by AlternativaPlatform.

The game is built with HTML5 technology so no flash is needed and you can play tanki online in your browser. Enjoy this highly addicting shooting game and prove your commanding skill!

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