Stellaris Cheats

Stellaris cheats

Stellaris Cheats – The ultimate cheats list

If you are looking for all Stellaris cheats – you are on the right place. All that you have to do is open the console window (while playing) by pressing ~ (tilde key). Then, enter any of the cheat codes bellow and hit enter to see the effect.


add_trait_species [species] [trait] – add trait feature, for example human
Cash [number] – adds the specified amount of cash, for example Cash 1000
– activates/deactivates contact with all
Crash – crashes the game
Damage [amount] – selected ship suffers the specified amount of damage
debug_yesmen – makes AI agrees to all demands
Engineering [amount] – adds the specified amount of engineering points
finish_research – finishes all research
Ftl – activates/deactivates infinite Ftl
help – shows the list of all available commands
Influence [amount] – adds the specified amount of influence.
Instant_Build – instant buildings
invincible – makes your fleet invincible
Minerals [amount] – adds the specified amount of minerals
Physics 50000 – adds physics
research_technologies – unlocks all technologies
Resource [resource] [amount] – gives you the specified resource
[Selected Planet] populate – fills all free slots on the selected planet with population
sensor – removes the fog of war (fow)
Skills [amount] – adds the specified amount of skills to leaders
Society [amount] –  adds the specified amount society
Survey – surveys all planets
Techuptade – resets the players tech tree
overnight [number] – preps for overnight seesion

If you know more Stellaris cheats or useful commands, feel free to share them in the comments section bellow.

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