Stellaris Cheats

Stellaris cheats
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Stellaris Cheats – The ultimate cheat list

If you are looking for all Stellaris cheats – you are in the right place. All that you have to do is open the console window (while playing) by pressing ~ (tilde key). Then, enter any of the cheat codes below and hit enter to see the effect. If you are trying to open the console on Mac, try §. Here are all Stellaris cheats pc


add_trait_species [species] [trait] – add trait feature, for example human
Cash [number] – adds the specified amount of cash, for example, Cash 1000
– activates/deactivates contact with all
Crash – crashes the game
Damage [amount] – selected ship suffers the specified amount of damage
debug_yesmen – makes AI agrees to all demands
Engineering [amount] – adds the specified amount of engineering points
finish_research – finishes all research
Ftl – activates/deactivates infinite Ftl
help – shows the list of all available commands
Influence [amount] – adds the specified amount of influence.
Instant_Build – instant buildings
invincible – makes your fleet invincible
Minerals [amount] – adds the specified amount of minerals
Physics 50000 – adds physics
research_technologies – unlocks all technologies
Resource [resource] [amount] – gives you the specified resource
[Selected Planet] populate – fills all free slots on the selected planet with a population
sensor – removes the fog of war (fow)
Skills [amount] – adds the specified amount of skills to leaders
Society [amount] –  adds the specified amount society
Survey – surveys all planets
Techuptade – resets the players’ tech tree
overnight [number] – preps for overnight session

Look, there is more:

Stellaris species id

By now you are probably wondering how to find Stellaris species ID. Here are two ways: Try to enter in the console ” debugtooltip “and if it doesn’t work try with the command -“tweakergui debugtooltip “. Then, check the box in the window that appears and go to your planet. Hover over the window and you should see the ID in the bottom of the tooltip.

Stellaris megastructure id

If you are looking for Stellaris megastructure id – you can easily find them by going to stellaris/common/megastructures folder and different files for all megastructure. Inside each file, you will find name_strucure.

If you know more Stellaris cheats or useful commands, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Stellaris console commands

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