Starcraft 2 cheats

Before using any of the listed Starcraft 2 cheats below, please keep in mind that using them will prevent you from the additional achievements. To enable the achievements again, you will need to either start a new campaign or load an earlier save of the game (where you haven’t entered a cheat code).

Cheat codes can be used in single-player campaign mode by pressing ENTER to bring up the console and then entering the desired code. Press ENTER again to see the effect.

Starcraft 2 cheats

Starcraft 2 cheats: Legacy of the void

Cheat CodeEffectType
WhatIsBestInLifeInstant winVictory
LetsJustBugOutAndCallItEvenInstant defeatLose
SoSayWeAllAllow the use all techTech
IAmIronManAllows all upgradesUpgrades
CatFoodForPrawnGunsFast builds and upgradesUpgrades
TookTheRedPillDisable fog of warMap
HanShotFirstNo spell cooldownSpell
NeverGiveUpNeverSurrenderContinue play after defeatLose
TyuHasLeftTheGameDisable victory conditionsVictory
Bunker55AliveInsideNo need for suppliesResources
SpectralTigerAdd 5000 MineralsResources
JaynestownAdd 5000 TerrazineResources
RealMenDrillDeepAdd 5000 GasResources
WhoRunBartertownAdd 5000 of Each ResourceResources
ImADoctorNotARoachJimFast Units HealingHeal
MoreDotsMoreDotsAll Units and Buildings are Free to BuildResources
LeaveYourSleepOpens All MissionsMissions
TerribleTerribleDamageEnables GOD MODEGod mode
OverEngineeredCodPiecePlays the Song Terran Up the NightMusic
EyeOfSauronUnlocks all cinematicsCinematics
StayClassyMarSaraUnlock All UNN BroadcastsUNN
HoradricCubeUnlock All Research OptionsResearch

Starcraft 2 cheats: Wings of Liberty

Cheat CodeEffectType
OverengineeredcodpieceTerran up the nightMusic
stroaksmolts5000 mineralsResources
smoldersbolds5000 minerals and gasResources
realmendrilldeep5000 vespene gasResources
StayClassyMarSaraAccess to all UNN BroadcastsUNN
ypoonsvoicemailDisable defeatLose
TookTheRedPillRemove Fog of WarMap
mintmansoperatorNo need for foodResources
tyuhasleftthegameContinue play after victoryVictory
HanShotFirstRemoves Ability cooldownAbility
NeverGiveUpNeverSurrenderDisable defeatLose
SoSayWeAllDisable Tech requirementsTech
QroteroDisables time of the dayTime
reversingnazaireBuild fastBuild
asestarsprimativeBuild fastBuild
CatFoodForPrawnGunsBuild fastBuild
fsbcomunicacionFast HealingHeal
whysoserious5 mln creditResources
DZMHairSpring5000 custom resourcesResources
LetsJustBugOutAndCallItEvenInstant defeatLose
WhatIsBestInLifeInstant WinVictory
terribleterribledamageGOD MODEGOD MODE
adeasygoinLose the current gameLose
lyingpectMission selectMission
Bunker55AliveInsideRemoves supply restrictionsSupply
wapboinkersResearch pointsResearch
moredotsmoredotsUnits and buildings cost nothingResources
LeaveYourSleepUnlock all missionsMissions
HoradricCubeUnlock all researchResearch
IAmIronmanUpgrades Armor and weapons by 1Armor, Weapon
cmethodfeedbackWin current gameVictory
jaynestown5000 TerrazineResources
SpectralTiger5000 Minerals Resources
WhoRunBartertown5000 of each resourcesResources

As a bonus we will share with you some tips and tricks:

  1. Exploding creatures:
    Keep Left clicking on any creatures multiple time to make it explode.
  2. Dancing units:
    Select one of these units: Zealots, High Templars, Marauders, Hydralisks, Thors, Marines, Zerglings, Ultralisks. Then press enter and type /dance
  3. Zerg Queen quick larval injection: Select all queens with, then hold [Inject Larvae] and press [Backspace] to jump between each hatch and [Left Click] that hatch. As a result, the closest queen will cast “Inject Larvae”, without the need to press [Inject Larvae] each time.

If we have missed any cheat code for Starcraft 2, feel free to share it in the comments section bellow.

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