Silver games – Top 7 awesome free online games to try

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About silver games

Silver games have a huge online collection of over 1000 free games to play. You can easily get lost at the vast range of arcade games, adventures, racing tournaments, and card games. And as there are so many interesting games to choose, we will try to make it easier. Before you go to, here is our list of the top 7 Silver games to play.


Minecraft classic - silver games

Minecraft is a game for those who like developing 3D blocks after doing some mining and crafting. The game allows for the creation of a multiplayer session through which you can test your shooting skills on the zombies and other grotesque beats. Otherwise, there is an option to engage in some mini-games with your friends while online. Or, you can opt to carry out an exploration of the map while using the Lego car to drive around hunting animals. While doing the expeditions might seem to be a fun activity of engagement, you must be on the lookout for the creepers, zombies and other beasts that roam around. The good things about this game are that you can craft tools and weapons from the vast resources provided: wood, stone, grass, and others.

Happy Wheels – silver games

happy wheels silver games

Happy Wheels is a racing game. But not a usual kind of racing game. In its definition, Happy Wheels grants you an opportunity to control a person on a wheelchair, bicycle or Segway up to the finish line while avoiding the obstacles on the way. Initially, there are 10 levels and 3 different racing wheels to use. However, with time, you get to develop your own levels in which other players can also take part in. The outstanding depiction of the game is how the racers are mutilated when involved in even one accident. Those with the mastery of playing racing games can see their characters make it to the finish line without breaking a bone. For the rest, we will have to deal with seeing our characters thrown around at every level till the end. Which type of player are you?

Battle Royale – silver games

Battle royale

This is the best shooting game you will ever come across. The first-person shooting game gives you an option to choose between a police officer, a medic, a farmer, a salaryman or a soldier as your character during play. The characters selected have different features that define their characteristics. Each character will have either a survival kit or a weapon when starting. You will jump from a plane into the battlefield. Then you will start collecting more weapons, ammo and other tools for your survival. Use the weapons collected to emerge as the only remaining survivor of the battle. The advantage that Battle Royale has over other games of the same category is that it uses block graphics that double down the violence while reducing the lag that is characteristic of high-rendering games.

Stickman Archer 2

Stickman archer 2

Stickman Archer 2 redefines your understanding of stick man by giving him a bow and an unlimited supply of arrows in an arrow shootout. Yes, it is a shootout, using arrows. For survival, you have to get your aiming and shooting skills on edge for you to take out as many of the enemy stick figures as possible. A headshot earns you stars that can accumulate to unlock more features and weapons. Well, it does not have to always be an arrow. Why not throw a bottle to the enemy instead? The game gets more interesting as you progress further, where your platforms start shifting positions and other obstacles introduced between you and the enemy. Also, be on the lookout when your enemy starts using more crude weapons.

Solitaire – Klondike

Klondike silvergames

Klondike is the most popular type of card game you will ever come across. The single-deck card game has seven columns that make up the tableau pile. The cards in this pile are placed overlapping each other, with only the bottom-most card exposed. During play, you have to ensure that the cards in this pile are arranged in a descending card sequence in alternating colors and that no card is left facing downwards. Klondike also has four foundation piles in which the cards are built in an ascending suit sequence. The cards used to build the foundation piles can come from the tableau piles or directly from the dealt cards. The purpose of this game is to get all the cards to the foundation piles using the shortest time possible, with the least moves made.

2048 – silver games

silver games 2048

Math is fun. Okay, not all the time. 2048 is an example of how working with numbers is fun, and addictive. The game requires you to move the numbered tiles around a square enclosure, with numbers that are adjacent to each other and have equal values adding up to form one numbered tile. Yes, it is that simple. A tile numbered 2 can merge with an adjacent tile numbered 2 to create one numbered tile with the value 4. Why stop there? You can build the numbers until the iconic tile numbered 2048 is created. In the meantime, the empty spaces left are randomly selected to hold new numbered tiles that are introduced with each move you make. The game comes to an end when there is no empty space left in the square enclosure.

Trump on Top

Trump on top

Trump is on top! Yes, he is. This is your one and only opportunity to fight Trump. Of course, not literally. This game presents to you the opportunity to choose fighters who will face the various versions of Trump until he is knocked to the bottom. Your character will come face to face with the Supertrump, the Trumpoline, the Mexican Trumpez or any other Trump you know, in a fight. The aim of this game is to cause as much harm to the opponent as possible. If you think Trump has got what it takes to challenge other fighters, choose him as your favorite character instead and let’s see how well he swings.

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