Scrabble Sprint Free


Play Scrabble Sprint online

Scrabble rules

Scrabble Sprint is an awesome online version of the classic Scrabble. Your goal is to use the letters in your tray to create as many words as you can. Each letter has its own value and brings different points to your score. Usually, the letters that are harder to place carry more points (such as X and Q). Keep in mind that the longer the word, the more points you will get.

Another important thing is to make sure to use wisely all score multipliers, placed on the board. For example, there are double and triple the letter and the word score, so pay attention to them, too. Probably the coolest feature is the chance to play against hundreds of real people and test your skills! Don’t forget to pay attention to the time limit – you will have 60 seconds to find and write a word. Each time you place a valid word you will get more time, depending on the word.


  • You can use the keyboard, as well as the mouse, to write the words.
  • You can exchange tiles using some of the remaining time left.
  • Each game has a random set of words
  • Use all 64 letters before the time runs out while getting as many points as possible
  • Mix up the tiles

Scrabble Tips and Tricks

  • Start with two or three-letter words (and learn as many as you can)
  • Place “in-“, “un-” an “re-”  on the left side, as may words start with these.
  • Group “ing”, “ed” and “er” at the right side of your rack, as many words end with these.
  • Aim for bonus squares to multiply your score
  • Learn Q and X-words

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Bonus: a Word maker and Word solver for Scrabble

Well, if you want to improve your skills or just cannot find a solution, you can always use a word maker or a word solver. Enjoy!