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About Mahjong

We all have had those periods when the day is slow-paced and you are just bored out of your mind? Or you could be tired and need something to get your mind jumpstarted. Such times as you are idly sitting in front of your computer can be made better by playing puzzle games. The best mind jolting puzzle game recommended for you at the moment would be mahjong classic. Mahjong is an old board game developed ages ago in Chinese history that still reserves its fun aspect even to the present moment. Lucky for you, this legendary game can be played straight from your browser and rescue you from your misery.

Mahjong Rules

In this variation of mahjong, you get to feel the real mahjong experience through the 144 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols. The objective is quite simple, remove the tiles from the playing field. You accomplish this by matching pairs of tiles with the same characters and symbols by pointing and clicking on them. Sounds simple right? Well, it not as easy as you might think because it requires logic to work your way from the top to the bottom layer. The 144 tiles are arranged in five layers one on top of the other. The most important rule, therefore, is that you should begin from the top to eliminate the tiles that hide the underlying symbols. Only visible tiles on the layers that are not blocked or covered by the other tiles on top can be eliminated.

Mahjong Gameplay

The best thing about playing free online mahjong is that it is simple yet complicated. These are the very prerequisites that make any game addictive and worthwhile. It doesn’t give you an awfully hard time to figure out the moves. Regardless, it is not very easy to finish and therefore gives you that difficult yet competitive gaming experience. This online mahjong game is pinned on how fast you can clear the five layers of tiles as the time ticks.

Proceed to accomplish new high scores by clearing the tiles in the shortest time possible and improve on your last scores. This version of mahjong unblocked is smooth running and does not compromise on appearance and detail. The Chinese characters and symbols on the tiles look real thus contributing to an authentic Chinese mahjong experience. The interaction on screen is responsive with every touch of the mouse pointer facilitating an enjoyable gaming experience. More importantly, you can play the game online on your browser whether on your desktop or even your phone.

Features and tips

Online mahjong features a simple yet elegant appearance with a green bamboo wallpaper as its background. Three buttons appear on each lower side of the gaming screen to facilitate your interaction with the game. These include sound, restart and undo buttons on the left while on the right you will find the hint, back and shuffle buttons. The hint button provides you with the next step to help you with a move when you are completely stuck. You should, however, limit the use of the hint button to allow yourself to think critically on your own. In case of a wrong move, the undo and back buttons will help you move some steps back as you undo your previous moves.

A helpful tip for the game is making use of the shuffle button which will help re-arrange the tiles and reveal new options for matching which previously could not be spotted.


Mahjong classic is not the only game you can play, there are other variations of mahjong that are sure to reward you with a fun experience. For instance, you might also enjoy playing mahjongg solitaire which has a rating of 8.1. It is quite similar to the mahjong classic for its gameplay. The greatest difference between the two is the 10-minute countdown after your first move required to finish the game.

Mahjong candy

The second game worth checking out is mahjongg candy which instead of donning the classic Chinese symbols and characters it uses candy symbols. This different approach makes the game easier to work through. However, to make it competitive, the game has a 5-minute countdown upon whose expiry reveals your highest score. With votes from 40 players, the game has received an impressive rating of 9.1 out of 10.

Mahjong dark dimensions

Finally, on our list of mahjong recommended games is mahjong dark dimensions which is in 3D. The objective is similar to the rest which is to eliminate the tiles by matching identical symbols. The gameplay is however different and more dynamic because it requires you to rotate the block to the right or left to reveal identical tiles.

The bottom line is that free mahjong classic is a great game that is sure to keep you entertained as you wrack your brain for solutions. Join in on this addictive bundle of fun together with other gamers worldwide who through votes have given it a rating of 8.3 out of 10. With that said what are you waiting for, jump in and experience the fun by making great high scores playing mahjong classic?


How do you play mahjong?

Playing mahjong is quite simple by basically identifying a pair of identical characters and logically clicking on them from top to bottom.

What is the object of mahjong?

The objective of mahjong is to clear your five layers of 144 tiles by eliminating pairs of identical tiles from the playing field.

When was mahjong invented?

Mahjong has a rich history that is rooted in Chinese culture and was invented during the Qing dynasty.

How many mahjong tiles do you start with?

You start with 144 tiles arranged from top to bottom in five layers.

Can I play mahjong online?

Yes. Free classic mahjong is built on HTML5 which ensures it runs fast on browsers and is playable on both desktop and mobile.

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