Mount and Blade Warband cheats – The ultimate cheats list

Mount and blade warband cheats

Mount and blade warband cheats – all in one place

To use Mount and Blade Warband cheats, you must enable them first. To do that, go to Configuration (on launcher) and check the “Enable Cheats” box.

Please keep in mind that playing with cheats will stop you from receiving Steam Achievements, however, when you disable the cheats you will re-enable the achievements. Another thing to pay attention to is the Screen on which you are pressing the keyboard combination. For example if you press Ctrl+X on the character screen you will receive 1000 experience points. On the other hand, if you press the same Ctrl+X on the inventory screen you will receive 1000 dinars. Thus, we have included a column “screen”, so you can easily find out where to use the cheats codes.

ScreenKeyboard combinationEffect
Character screenCtrl+X1 000 experience points (one time)
Inventory screenCtrl+X1 000 dinars
Party screenCtrl+XGives 100 experience points on the selected soldier (one time)
Character screenCtrl+WIncreases all of your Weapon Proficiency
MapCtrl+TSee everything on the map, except hideouts
Character screenCtrl+LLevel up
MapCtrl+Left clickTeleports your party to where you click
BattleCtrl+HRestores your health
BattleCtrl+Shift+HRestores your horse's health
BattleCtrl+F3Damage your character
BattleCtrl+F4Blunt damage to a random enemy
BattleCtrl+Alt+F4Blunt damage to all enemies' troops
BattleCtrl+Shift+F4All enemies unconscious and zoomed into
BattleCtrl+F5AI takes the control of your character
BattleCtrl+F6Knocks out randomly one of your troops
BattleCtrl+Shift+F6Knocks out all of your troops
BattleCtrl+F9Turn on/off the Slow motion
BattleCtrl+F11Stops the time at battle
MapCtrl + spaceFast forward waiting at map
Ctrl + ~Opens the console*


* The Cheat Menu is a feature that gives you more options to use cheats, like raising your honor and renown, get any item in the game, immediately capture castles and towns, controls the weather and many more.
To activate it, first press Ctrl+~ (tilde, next to the number pad or to the Shift button on Macs) to open the console. Then type in:“cheatmenu” 
To deactivate it – reopen the search console and type in: “nocheatmenu”


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If you know more Mount and Blade Warband cheats, please feel free to share them in the comments section bellow.