Play classic minesweeper online

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Classic Minesweeper Online

The classic minesweeper game is now developed in HTML5 for web browsers, making it available to play minesweeper online from the comfort of your home or workplace. Minesweeper is one of the puzzle games that are available on Crazy Games platform. Click on the link to have a feel of what the game has to provide or play it here. But first, let us have some insight into what to expect.

About Minesweeper

Minesweeper is a single-player game that has its origins from the 1970s. The game was designed to be played on paper, video game consoles, or computer systems. Currently, the game has evolved to be included in online platforms, such as Crazy Games, where it can be accessed from any part of the world. The game runs flawlessly in most of the web browsers available. And yes, it is available for free. The game has so far received over 5,330 hits with a rating of 7.6/10 from the 76 reviews done. It is definitely worth checking it out.
Setup of the Game

Setup of the Game

Minesweeper online comes in different boards depending on preference and the level of play. A beginner board could have a total of 10 mines in an 8 by 8 setup. A 16 by 16 intermediate board could have 40 mines present while a 16 by 30 board could have up to 99 mines. The boards have grids that enclose the squares used for gameplay. A square, in this case, is used to mean any unit that contains a number, a mine, a blank, or a zero.

Each square not on the edge of the board is also in contact with eight other squares. Mines in the grids are randomly distributed, thus creating a logic game. The first click of the game can never be a mine. If the square clicked were to contain a mine from the pre-generation process, the mine is moved to the upper-left corner of the board. If this square has a mine too, then the square to the right is used, and this goes on until the desired square is found. The game is won if all the squares without mines are clicked open. Otherwise, clicking on a mine culminates in a loss.


Every game has a framework that defines the governing rules. For minesweeper, it is pretty easy to collect on the concepts of the game for you to win. The main objective of minesweeper is to locate all the mines in the playing area as quickly as possible. Ideally, a player is considered to be the winner if he or she has clicked on all the squares that are not mines. The first click of the game initiates a timer and the start of the game. Luckily, the first hit can never be a mine.

When clicked open and not containing a mine, a square reveals a number. This number indicates the mines that are surrounding this square. However, if the number revealed is to be a zero, the digit is not shown, but all the bordering squares are opened. A square can also be flagged to mark it as a mine using the right-click button on the mouse. If a square is opened and the number displayed equals the number of flagged squares touching it, then the squares around this number are opened too. The game, unfortunately, comes to an end if the flagging around the number was not done well.


Minesweeper online has one of the simplest and easiest controls in the gaming world. The mouse of a computer is used as the main interaction unit between the player and the game. Both the left and the right mouse buttons are useful in the gameplay. The left mouse button is predominantly used for clicking open the squares as you play, while the right mouse button is used for flagging squares. This, however, depends on the system settings of the computer being used. By default, the left mouse button is set as the primary key while the right mouse button as the secondary key.

In my experience of the game, it is a good strategy to start by clicking open the squares in the corners of the board. This would usually open a good number of squares. You should then mark all the obvious mines in the grid by analyzing the opened squares and the numbers displayed. At this point, you would have cleared a big portion of the board.

As a tip, simultaneously clicking the left and right mouse buttons over a number that has its mines found would open all the blocks around it. This is a great way to save some seconds off the timer. You will need to play several times to get a good feel for the game. So, go for it and enjoy yourself.


How do you play minesweeper?

Playing minesweeper requires a computer with a mouse. Both the buttons of the mouse are used during gameplay. The left mouse button is used for opening the squares while the right mouse button is used for flagging squares as mines.

How do you play minesweeper without guessing?

Playing minesweeper without guessing requires enough practice to observe the patterns of the mines just by looking at the numbers. Additionally, good use of flags would reveal a lot of squares through “double-clicking”, therefore, saving time by opening squares surrounded by numbers.

Is minesweeper always solvable?

Minesweeper is not always solvable. The mines follow a random distribution on the board, raising the chances of getting an unsolvable board.

Is it possible to hit a mine on the first click?

It is not possible to hit a mine on the first click. A mine in a square due for a first hit is usually moved to another square as determined by the setup of the game.

What is the logic of the minesweeper game?

The logic of minesweeper comes during gameplay. If you click a square and reveal a ‘1’, then one of the bordering eight squares has a mine. If it is a ‘2’, then two surrounding squares have mines, and so forth.