Jigsaw planet – Top 10 puzzles


Jigsaw Planet – The Top 10 Puzzle Games Everyone Should try Out

Do you like jigsaw puzzles? Well, if you haven’t heard how interesting these jigsaw puzzle games have become then you need to get online and get to test these games from the rich category of jigsaw planet. Unlike other game genres, with the puzzle games all you need is some quality time to spice up that gloomy Monday. Are you ready? In this article, there are top ten puzzle games that you need to check up and experience the magic of the jigsaw planet. The list is divided into 3 sub-categories – Most played, Most beautiful and Most interesting puzzles.

Before we go, here are some gameplay tips for you:

jigsaw planet menu
  • The picture icon (on the bottom-left) loads a picture of the puzzle.
  • The next icon (ghost) overlays a full-sized, semi-transparent picture to help you out if you get stuck.
  • The gear icon(3 vertical dots) opens a menu, so you can change the background color, start-over or rescater the pieces.
  • In the middle are there is a timer and a progress indicator (%)
  • The icon in the far right opens a full screen window

Just a reminder – you can play the puzzles here or go to jigsaw planet. Wait no further, let’s get into the jigsaw planet top 10 list.

Jigsaw Planet – The Most Played

1. Colors of nature – Flowers

This jigsaw planet flowers game will definitely bring color into your life. Everyone agrees that Mondays can be a bit gloomy. Well, the weekend is more often than not too memorable to let go and to ensure you are ready for Monday you need to try to play this jigsaw planet now played online. Of course, you don’t have to play it only when you get home, you can push your scores further on the train on your way home.
Pieces: 50
Best Time: 1:08
Played: over 1 000 000
Tags: Nature, Flowers, Colorful

2. Lemon and lime

Well, for any game to qualify in the most played category, it means that it has impressed a significant percentage of gamers on our site. If you are looking for a game to push you through the weekend then your first choice has to be Lemon and lime. It’s a fruit game where all you need is complete the delicious looking Lemon and lime. If you fancy a fruit after meal kind of lifestyle then you should enroll to enjoy fruity days all week long. This jigsaw planet now played online allows you to compete with other players. Test your skills today!
Pieces: 63
Best Time: 0:33
Played: over 100 000
Tags: Fruits, Lemon, Lime

3. Lake House

Normal can be a bit boring sometimes. Therefore, to avoid getting bored while trying to solve your puzzle, maybe you can try something rougher. The stormy weather comes in handy when you want something to spice up the game. Forget the jigsaw planet Disney genre; the stormy weather brings the drive to go on all day. Can you beat our best players? Well, let’s find out! Play Lake house jigsaw here.
Pieces: 119
Best Time: 4:19
Played: over 100 000
Tags: Lake, House, Landscape

Jigsaw planet – The Most Beautiful

4. Yellow Cup

For those that fancy the finer things in life, you can agree that there is so much detail about a cup other than the size. For a cup to contribute towards getting you in a good mood at the office, then it has to have a perfect color. Do you think a yellow cup would suit you well? In jigsaw planet games collection, you can try to solve the yellow cup puzzle.
Pieces: 24
Best Time: 1:01
Played: under 100
Tags: Fruits, Cup

5. Hanging out

Also, in the jigsaw planet tags, you can enjoy the Hanging out game that is guaranteed to make you feel better in the least time. Here, you must ensure that you solve every puzzle well to unveil the beautiful kitten. It is hard not to agree that cats are adorable and this one is no different. You can charm your Friday lunchtime instead of just sitting at your desk. Who knows? You could even invite your friend over and get to play together. (That is undeniably romantic)

Nevertheless, do not rush to complete the jigsaw tag, take your time to review every action before you do it. Make sure you feel the adrenaline drive in your body as you think about the puzzle. Also, don’t take too much time either as other contestants are working on winning the game too. It is essential that you keep track of the timer and ensure you don’t take too much time.
Pieces: 48
Best Time: 2:27
Played: over 100
Tags: Animal, Cat, Nature

6. Broadway Village

Lastly, on the top beauty games in the best jigsaw planet 300 games, you can play the broadway village game. Like in other puzzle games, they are meant to sharpen your skill set and this one would do that even more efficiently. The jigsaw planet tags cottages will make your evenings go faster even with a troublesome boss at the office.
Pieces: 35
Best Time: 0:45
Played: over 1000
Tags: Home cottage, House

7. Laguna Beach

What comes to your mind when the word beach is mentioned to you? Is it the sandy beaches? Is it the sun that hits the skin and brings good times? A day at the beach is the way to go if you want to relive those exciting memories at the beach. Don’t let those good times go to waste. Lets play the beach game. Prove to the world nobody else knows the beach better than you do. Lastly, don’t forget to take a screenshot to show it to your buddies. Nevertheless, if you prefer to play the jigsaw planet winter games you can find lots of them that will impress you in the jigsaw planet games site.
Pieces: 98
Best Time: 6:01
Played: over 100
Tags: Beach, Laguna, Seascape

Jigsaw Planet – The Most Interesting Puzzle Games

8. Lemon Tart

For most people, dessert is always a welcome idea at any time of the day. The deal gets better when the dessert available is lemon flavored and it cools down all those alarming stress levels. Lemon dessert qualifies as a game that will surely interesting owing to the fact that the keen to detail that is required to complete this task. The game requires impeccable skill set to ensure you don’t miss a point that will derail your winning process. For a moment you can forget the jigsaw planet quilts and focus on the task at hand. 
Pieces: 136
Best Time: 8:24
Played: over 100
Tags: Fruits, Lemon, Dessert

9. Fruits and Chocolate

Are you maybe feeling that you read it wrong? Well, it is hard not to think about chocolate every time the name of this game is mentioned. It is undeniable that chocolate is an identity of love in the life of every person. Well, this game might just strengthen your attachment to chocolate. Lets get hands on in solving this jigsaw planet game. Unlike the jigsaw planet general hospital themes that will bring back those memories that you were ill or someone you love was, this puzzle gives you a taste of love in your computer or smart phone at any time of the day. at every step of the way it feels like playing jigsaw puzzle Disney games.
Pieces: 6
Best Time: 0:03
Played: over 100
Tags: Fruits, chocolate

10. Para-glider Puzzle

This game has a touch of the jigsaw planet vintage theme that takes the gameplay a notch higher. This game spurs interest in seeing a glider almost landing to the ground whereas there are bisons on the ground. Well, is he afraid that the animals might attack? The jigsaw tags day of our lives is the way to go. Try Para-glider jigsaw now.
Pieces: 35
Best Time: 0:45
Played: over 1000
Tags: Animals, Paraglider

There is so much fun you can have by playing the games available on our website. Everyone else is having fun at the Jigsaw planet are you?

A bonus puzzle on Jigsaw Planet

Mountain Railway

If you like landscape puzzles that bring back memmroies of the dawn of Industrial revolution, you will probably like this colorful, yet romantic puzzle. Play Mountain Railway
Pieces: 100
Best Time: 1:02
Played: over 1 000 000
Tags: Mountain railway, Landscape