Hitman 2 launches November 13 on PS 4

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Hitman 2 announce trailer

IO Interactive and Warner Bros Games announced Hitman 2 during a live stream.
It seems that the drop of episodic format will be the biggest difference to its predecessors. Developers have promised to provide a bunch of additional missions and targets after the launch, so the post-launch model of Hitman remains.

As you can imagine, Hitman 2 picks up right where the previous game ended. According to the press release, Agen 47 will learn about his past during the missions. Bellows are all new features and interesting stuff about the gameplay.

Hitman 2: About the gameplay and new features

The trailer reveals one of the first missions in Miami, where your goal is to kill a race driver on the last day of an endurance race in Miami. Break the car as a mechanic, poison him or pull the trigger – it seems that is up to you to choose the method to eliminate the target and execute it. All the missions take place in 6 new exotic locations where you can improvise the biggest kills. One of the new interesting features is to hide Agent 47 within the crowds using his updated stealth maneuvers.

Another new feature which should be welcomed by sniper rifles’ fans is the briefcase. It will help you transport long rifles more easily and unnoticed. The case can also hold other items such as a muffin (probably extremely poisonous), a bust statue, large fish, measuring tape and fire extinguisher.

Hitman 2 has a new cooperation mode called Sniper Assassin where you and your friend will be assigned to eliminate 3 targets. Sniper Assassin will be available now and you can play it today if you pre-order Hitman 2.

Hitman 2 will be available in 4 editions.
Standart, Silver, Gold and Collector’s box (the pre-orders of Collector’s box will grant you 4 days of early access). You can check all details here.

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