Games like Second Life – Top 5 games to check out

games like second life

Top 5 Games like Second Life

Before diving into top five games like second life, let’s take a quick look at what the second life game is…

What Is Second Life?

Second life is an online virtual game by Linden Research, Inc. It features MMO RPG simulation for all gaming enthusiasts around the globe. The online game entails creating a 3D avatar which serves as the character you are playing as in the game. The character could be a vampire, animal, robot or even a human. It offers a variety of features and options which that make for a varied fabulous experience. Second life game is quite popular among gamers largely due to its wide variety of target demographics.


Games Like Second Life

There are plenty of options for games like second life around that you can select from which offers the same gaming feel as second life. They allow gamers to customize their characters and also have tons of fascinating locations that you will enjoy visiting offering you unexpected delights. The following are a couple of games like second life:


Twinity is an excellent online virtual game that allows you to customize your character accordingly to your taste. The game offers huge options for locations where you can visit with the customized character and have a fascinating gaming experience. It is one of the games like second life that offers a wonderfully immersive experience that this genre of game can possibly offer. It has a wonderful world bustling with activities which you can enjoy visiting while chatting with your friends as well. The game also allows you to customize your own apartment to look good as possible as it can. The game also allows you to shop around and have lots of fun.



Another wonderful games like second life is Kaneva. This is a social virtual game that allows you to customize your character with great 3D graphics and meet new friends. It started way back as 2004 and has transformed into one of the virtual reality games that can serve as an alternative to second life game. It also provides you with the opportunity to explore various magnificent players that you can have fun at. With Kaneva, you can turn your imagination into a virtual reality the very way that you can.


Chit Chat City

Chit chat city is one interesting game that allows you to make lots of designs ranging from your characters to various locations. Utilizing 3D graphics, you can build and furnish a house, get a pet, meet new friends and form a social circle.



vSide is another game like second life. It features a virtual free world that has lots of attractive contents to keep you compelled into playing the game. It offers you the platform to do virtually any activity that you want be it dancing with your new friends or making new ones. Just like second life virtual game, you are free to create your characters and decorate your personal space as well.


Gaia Online

Gaia launched in 2003 started out as a community based social forum and has developed into a social MMO. In Gaia online, it offers huge community experience as players can connect with other players, chat on the forums and create their own character. Gaia Online lets you choose your skin, eyes, hair, gender, and clothing and even lets you choose your own fantasy inspired race. Gaia online is quite popular for its host of site-wide events based on real-life events such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Christmas. There are definitely lots of activities to be part of in Gaia online game.


Virtual worlds are quite enthralling and amazing and are gaining more recognition every day. You can select any of these games like second life to enjoy same aesthetics and other interesting features of second life.


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