The Best Games for seniors to Play in 2020

    games for seniors
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    Games for seniors

    Over the years, the world has seen the millennial age falling for the internet especially with the birth of portable devices such as smartphones and laptops. This age has grown an addiction to these devices following the great innovations that have been happening, for instance, mobile games. Well, it is hard not to agree that these mobile games have helped pass time or spice up a dull day. However, for the longest time, these games have gained popularity only among the youths, which is quite unfortunate as there is a rich category of games available for the seniors.

    Growing old should not limit you from enjoying the beauty of life. Even the seniors can spice up their days with memory games for adults to joggle their memory a bit.

    Well, most seniors do not usually involve themselves with a lot of physical activities owing to their health and age limitations. Nevertheless, you can make their happy days happier by helping them explore the best of games available in the seniors’ category. They can use memory games for seniors to help them with their memory. Alternatively, they can play word games for seniors to help maintain their vocabulary proficiency. Below is a list of the top games for seniors in 2020 in several categories:

    • Word and number games
    • Card games
    • Puzzle and board games
    • Indoor games

    Word and Number Games

    This category involves games with word and mathematics aspects and this can be handy for seniors that want to retain or sharpen their math and word skills. The following are games that are in this word games for seniors.



    A unique game that involves the player or players to create new words from a set of letters provided. However, the words created must be correct and genuine as per the English language. Also, the game can be played by one or multiple players. A significant benefit of playing this game is that not only does it help the seniors keep active but also sharpen their word skills. You can play Scrabble online here or get a new board game if you’d rather play the Classic Scrabble.



    Sudoku is a math puzzle game that requires one to think and understand the sequence before identifying the number they should add to the grid. One has to ensure that the number is correct as it could cause him or her to fail in the entire puzzle by inputting the incorrect figure. This works incredibly well for seniors that want to sharpen their math skills. Play Sudoku online for free or make yourself a present and get this Bargain Bonanza for Sudoku lovers!

    Boggle (Scramble words)

    boggle scramble words

    In the world of Olympics, all that matters is how fast you can run. However, in Boggle world what matters is how fast can you think of words? Well, Boggle (also known as Scramble) involves a player creating new words from a list of letters and form more words than your opponent. Do you think it is time you convinced your senior friends that your words skills are better? Get your own Boggle board game now or play Scramble online here.

    Crossword puzzles

    daily crossword

    This game requires the player to solve the puzzle by filling out the missing letters and words in the game. It is a unique game that you can play alone or with a friend. How good are you with words? Test your skills now! Play Daily Crossword online for free, or indulge yourself by getting The New York Times Supersized Book of Sunday Crosswords with 500 Puzzles!

    Card Games

    Are you looking for a set of games that do not require electricity? Or is your taste refined and you prefer playing games that don’t leave you staring at a screen for hours? Or is it that your previous job revolved around a computer screen and now you prefer something livelier? Card games fit your current lifestyle. They are very portable and do not require electricity to operate. Therefore, get that table and chair and move outside and enjoy the following games.


    They say the hare is cunning and full of tricks and whether they are right or wrong you have to be the hare while playing this game. You have to pull out those tricks at your partner and ensure you win. Make those memories with this impeccable game from card games for adults section.


    Yes, you did not read it wrong it really has that name. Do you want to know what else is unique about the game? The players match their stack of cards to the ones on the deck and the one that finishes first is the winner. Well, do not waste more time, dial that number and let that childhood friend play UNO with you. Relive those moments together! Play Uno online multiplayer or against computer here.

    Gin Rummy

    This game helps the seniors maintain their speed of doing things. It is a fact that a few years ago they were faster than they are now. In this game, players should arrange their cards in a consecutive order before the opponent. Therefore, if you are competing with a friend or a huge group then it is time to see how well you or your team fairs.

    No thanks!

    Remember when the winner had the highest scores? For this game, the winner takes it all by having the lowest score by ensuring that the card he or she picks doesn’t have any unwanted effects on the score.


    For this game, a player has to reach 121 points for him or her to be considered the winner. Therefore, it is a race against time to ensure that your opponent doesn’t get there before you. Are you up to the task? It is among the most interesting games in the card games for adults’ category.


    This unique game never gets too old fashioned for any group from the millennials to the seniors. You can always spice up a dull day with your friends or family with a solitaire game.

    Puzzle and Board Games

    An interesting fact about board games is that they are for everyone. These games require players to have fun while sitted and thus even the elderly that are not into jumping and moving about can play these games. Additionally, these games are believed to help reduce the implications of depression on the elderly.


    In mahjong, it’s not all about sitting down and relaxing especially if you want to win the game. You have to ensure that you are the first player or are in the group that creates the first combination of tiles. Of course, this is not complicated but can you make it to the finish line first? Play mahjong free online here.


    Do you fancy great architecture? You can become one right under the roof or your own home with the Jenga game. While playing this game, you have to ensure that you are not going to be the one that crumbles down the tower. It is time to defy the rules of gravity.


    Chess is probably the most played game across the globe. It has gained popularity from people of all walks of life. You should not be left behind either get your opponent a seat and probably a glass of finely brewed glass of whiskey and get to work. It is time to protect your king and ensure you outwit that of your opponent. (Hint: there’s no hurry while playing chess!)


    In checkers, you have to know that your opponent is your enemy in the checkers’ world. Therefore, you have to ensure you outrun him or her before the same is done to you. Capture and remove is the policy you should apply to ensure that your opponent no longer has any more tiles to play. You have to make sure your eyes are on the game at all times. Can you do that?

    Indoor Games for Larger Groups


    Bingo is a game of chance! You either get the chance or miss it? So what do you think it is going to be? Well, leave the guesswork out of this and see how well you are at matching the numbers in the game.

    Jigsaw puzzles

    Jigsaw puzzles are fun, could be played anywhere and you do not need a partner to enjoy the game. Moreover, they exercise the left and right sides of your brain at once, improve the short-term memory and improve your visual-spatial reasoning.

    Bonus Senior Games that you should try out, too


    This game is among the oldest board and brain games for seniors of all time. It consists of two players that compete to move their fifteen pieces by rolling a dice. It is an interesting game that will keep seniors motivated and happy.


    It scores as among the best free memory games for seniors in 2020. The game is also known as Picross and has a large following both on the physical and online platforms. One must ensure that they adhere to the rules at all time. Play nonograms here.

    Bubble shooter

    A bubble shooter game involves a player shooting a bubble and matching it with others of the same color to gain points. Unfortunately, you can only play this game in a device and you must be ready to sit behind a screen. Now imagine how many points you can garner at the train on your way home.

    FAQs – games for seniors

    What are good games for seniors?

    7 games that seniors love to play include Sudoku, Checker, Scrabble, Solitaire, Mahjong, Backgammon, Nonograms, and Jenga.

    What are good memory games?

    Chess, Sudoku, Crosswords, Solitaire, Nonograms.

    What are the best apps for seniors?

    Solitaire – The Classic Klondike is an excellent way to exercise your brain, quicker thinking and improve problem-solving skills. Try Solitaire on iOS or Android.
    Lumosity –  The Lumosity app offers hundreds of games and puzzles to keep your mind sharp. Download the iOS or Android app here.
    Words with Friends – A game similar to Scrabble which also allows players to challenge one another. Get the iOS or Android app.
    Be My Eyes – The app illuminates newspapers and restaurant menus but also magnifies.