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About Elvenar

Elvenar is an awesome free-to-play MMO (massive multiplayer online ) game, where you build a flourishing fantasy city and try to become the ultimate ruler of a magical world full of mysteries. Start building your beautiful kingdom from scratch, establish your own economic system and plan to expand across the land. By exploring the vast map you will discover new technologies and acquire the secret knowledge of your ancestors.

Your quest begins by choosing your race – Elves or Humans. Then, it is up to you how you will rule, explore the map and upgrade your buildings. Likewise, it is you who decide if you will become a well-known trader or skilled conquerer, leading your troops to victory. And last, but not least – you are enjoying a brilliant HD and 3-D animated battles. Enjoy this free cities game by Innogames.

Elvenar world


The ancient world of Elvenar hides many secrets, rich resources, forgotten technologies, lost relics, and mysterious monsters. It is up to you how you will explore and develop your civilization. So let’s take a look at the basics – races, buildings, troops, creatures, and relics.

  • Residences – they offer more housing space an provide for a bigger population. Moreover, residences could be upgraded to the benefit of your city.
  • Workshops and Manufactories develop better methods and building materials to help you progress in Elvenar.
  • Relics – there are countless areas around your city waiting for you to explore and each area holds relics which will boost the production in your city. Sure enough, you can either fight for them or trade with the province owners.
  • Neighborhood – as you are not alone in the world, make sure to visit other tribes of elves and humans and consider future trading with them.

Elvenar Races

In Elvenar you can either play with Humans or Elves. Here is more detailed look about the races, their buildings, and troops.


Elvenar races humans

Humans are a fast-growing race in Elvenar determined to achieve their goals. The race is strongly focused on engineering and architecture.

Humans’ buildings in Elvenar

Main Hall – This castle-like building serves as goods and relics storage and lists the number of resources and relics being in the city’s possesion at any time.

Residence – Homes made of stone and wood, with high ceilings, angular and practical rooftops. That is how human citizens love to live and they will happily add their rent to the city’s coffers.

Workshop – Every city needs its craftsmen and the Workshops deliver all the needed supplies for expanding the city and trading for other goods.

Manufactory – Only the town’s best craftsmen work in here, producing the finest goods for troops and buildings alike.

Humans’ troops in Elvenar

Axe Barbarian
An infantry unit, who likes to engage in direct, hand-to-hand combat. It inflicts heavy damage.

Needless to say, the crossbowman is a ranged unit who will lend their assistance from a distance, shooting deadly bolts at the enemy.

A mythological dog creature with two heads that will show no mercy to your enemies, biting them to death.

A heavy infantry troop, wearing steel armor and wielding a powerful halberd. This melee unit is slow but sturdy as a fortress.

Another ranged unit, that uses mystical energies to dishearten its enemies, so that their defense is less effective.


Elvenar races Elves

Elves are probably the only race which is so deeply rooted in the natural world. They live in close harmony with nature and live and breathe magic. Their city buildings are both aesthetic and functional, and sometimes even alive. For example, plank-producing Treants or the stone-harvesting Golems.

Elves’ buildings in Elvenar

Elvenar elves main hall

Main hall
Built with white marble, golden trimmed roofs and trees grow as if they are part of the building, the main hall is top of elven design superiority. Apart from its beauty, this building also stores all currently available resources and relics, as well as the production boosts.

Elvenar Elves residence

Wood and cloth are the heart of the graceful design of elven residential buildings. Elves’ citizens love to live in these harmonious buildings and they happily offer part of their income as a tribute.

Elvenar Elves workshop

As every elven artist accepts only the best available tools and supplies for his profession, the elven workshops take great care to offer only products of the highest quality.

Elvenar Elves manufactory

Elven craftsmen are among the best in the world and they are using their deep knowledge about magic and know-how to produce the strongest and lightest materials.

Elves’ troops in Elvenar

Elvenar Elves sword dancer

Sword dancer
This a swift and deadly melee fighter.

Elvenar Elves Golem

This is the living and walking catapult of the Elves. It is hurling large boulders at the enemies.

Elvenar Elves Archer

A traditional elven archer, firing sharpened wooden shafts from a distance. A quick and accurate range unit.

Elvenar Elves sorceress

Another ranged unit. A supreme magic wielder from a secretive circle, using magical ranged attacks to reduce the damage of an enemy.

Elvenar Elves Treant

Very powerful melee unit that crushes opponents with its attacks. Slow both in words and movement, though.

If you like playing the game and would like to download it on your mobile device visit the App Store or Google Play.

Elvenar gameplay trailer

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