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Crescent Solitaire

The Crescent is a type of solitaire card game. The name crescent comes about because if well dealt, the cards form a crescent or a large characteristic arc shape on the tableau. Today, the game is available on online platforms for both desktop and mobile access using compatible web browsers.

Similarly to most puzzle games, Crescent Solitaire is meant for anyone willing to improve their logical thinking capacities. It is also a fun activity for passing time as it offers alternatives to those who have been playing the other solitaire game variants and wish to have a change.

Rules – Crescent Solitaire

The Crescent is a two-deck card game. All the cards are dealt on the tableau to form a crescent. The cards on the tableau are placed while facing down and are allowed to be turned to face up when the dealing begins. Eight foundations are left at the center of the crescent. The game must start by dealing with the Aces and Kings to the eight foundations. All the other cards are dealt and arranged in 16 piles around the foundation piles.

The objective of the game is to move the cards from the outer piles to the central foundation cards. The foundation piles are then built either in ascending or descending order, without regard to the color. The foundation cards largely determine the order in which the cards are arranged on the foundation piles.

In any instance, only the top card in a pile is available to be played. An empty space on the tableau cannot be filled by any card. A card that can be moved to either of the foundation areas during play is sent to the reserve cell until the next card of the suit is revealed. If the King and Ace foundations follow a definite sequence, the cards on the foundations, except the base cards, can be transferred to other foundations. After exhausting the play moves from the tableau and the foundations, the cards are dealt again until all the 104 cards are on the foundation.

How to Play Crescent Solitaire

First, the Kings and Aces of each suit are removed from the cards. These form the bases of the foundations, where the Kings are placed in one row and the Aces on the row below the Kings. A reserved cell is left between the two rows. The remaining cards are placed in an arc around the foundation cards in a pile of 6 cards each. A total of 16 piles are desired. Cards from the semicircular tableau are used to build the foundations. The Kings are built all the way down to the Aces, while the Aces are built up to Kings. Playing around the corner, where a King can be placed over an Ace, is also allowed.

The top card in each pile is used to play either on the foundation or around the tableau. Only one card can be moved at a time. After dealing a card, it is turned to face up. Re-dealing of the cards is allowed in a situation where the player has exhausted all the moves. The bottom card of each pile on the tableau is placed on the top, without disrupting the other cards in the pile. The re-dealing is applicable up to three times in the entirety of the game. The game ends if all the cards are on the foundation area.


The best strategy to use when dealing with two-deck card games is to take advantage of the cases where the cards meet at the middle. The cards are meant to follow a particular order, whether building on Kings or Aces. That means that there will be some open chances where the cards following a certain order can be moved around until the desired card is exposed. However, the strategy eats a lot on time.


Some notable features in crescent solitaire include the possibility of having different combinations during play. The game also has simple click-to-play controls that can be easily managed by a computer mouse; The Crescent also offers a new insight that is different from the other classic solitaire games. The clock function also tries to increase competitiveness in determining the fastest solver of the game.

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