Crazy Games – Top 3 Games in each category to Try!

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Crazy games – the best place for online games

Life can be a bit boring when there aren’t interesting things around you. With the year still quite new, you need to add flavor into your life. Avoid the dull Mondays on the train or the gloomy lunch breaks at the office. You can have it all by having awesome games from our crazy games category that will make your days worthwhile. Crazy games is home to the world of crazy games unblocked that will make that lunch break worth waiting. You don’t have to have vast amounts of storage space to play these slope crazy games; all you need is a data connection.

When it comes to having the best free games, puzzle games, or action, adventure, and io, or clicker and skill’s games, and sports, Crazy Games has it all. There are so many games in each category that is getting easier and easier to get lost in the abundance of new games. But don’t worry, we are here to sort the games out for you. We picked the most interesting and played categories and selected the best 3 games in each category.

Let’s get started. Below is a list of crazy games categories that you need to try out

Crazy games – the most interesting categories you should know about

  • Action games
  • Adventure games
  • Clicker games
  • .io games
  • Puzzle games
  • Skill games
  • Sports games

Action games

It doesn’t matter which is your favorite way to destroy the enemies – shooting bullets, fighting or just using natural skills, action games appeal to everybody’s dark side. Using your skills, quick fingers and minds, this category presents a rich variety of online games to pump up your adrenalin. So let’s take a look at our top 3 picks for action games.

Crazy games – Top 3 Action games

1. Bob The Robber

Bob the robber

Bob the Robber is the 1-st game of Bob’s journey. Your goal is to steal from the rich and give to the poor. The main character, Bob the Robber, is a modern version of Robin Hood who is fighting against corruption by stealing from mafia bosses and wealthy CEOs. As a hero in disguise, you sneak through the buildings, avoiding security cameras, and collecting loot as you go. Try not to get caught too often by the guards, or you will fail the mission. Have fun with Bob the Robber by avoiding the gaze of security cameras, picking locks and snipping wires to pass the laser barriers. Our top pick for an action game. Play free online here.

2. Raft Wars 2

raft wars 2

Raft Wars is a game with very similar gameplay to Angry Birds. The story begins with Simon and his brother who have found hidden treasure on a deserted beach. However, greedy and evil pirates want to claim it for themselves. Your goal is to keep the treasure safe by eliminating the pirates. Aim your weapons carefully at them as you take into account the shooting angle and power. Try to upgrade your raft and weapons at the end of each level so as to destroy the pirates faster. Enjoy Raft Wars 2 and stay entertained for hours.

3. Vex 2

vex 2

Vex is a fascinating surviving game which puts your reactions and skills to test. Using the keyboard, you should jump, climb and slide to avoid hurdles and progress. The graphics are rather simple yet stylish. Vex 2 is a fast-paced thriller which will bring back memories of playing Sonic or Super Mario, however, it expands the basic jumping formula by the introduction of more fun techniques to avoid obstacles, such as wall-hanging, climbing, and sliding. Similarly to all action games, the timing is everything, so you must have both quick fingers and mind. More interestingly, at various points throughout each level, you could play around with switches that affect the environment. For an example, there is an anti-gravity switch, so you can jump higher. Play Vex 2 here for free.

Adventure games

Well, everyone loves being a superhero. You too can become one in the adventure category in the crazy games’ website. There are lots of online games that you can choose from on the site. If you are not into fighting and shooting bullets to survive, you will still find something calmer with puzzles. Forget those dull times during the weekend; spice it up with lots of adventure games from our rich category.
Everyone can get something from the adventure section as there is a bit of each type of game for each person. Therefore, as long as you do enjoy exploring or being a superhero that everyone adores then our adventure games is what you need.

Crazy games – Top 3 Adventure games

1. Fleeing the complex

Fleeing the complex

This game scores as among the best games in the adventure games in our crazy games website. Fleeing the complex has a rating of about 8.4 and was rated by thousands of players across the planet. The game is full of endless adventure that increases as you continue playing this game.
It is about escaping from the complex. You need to get out unharmed and without losing your life. You need to ensure that the guards don’t take you back to captivity. Nevertheless, to score well in this game you need more than just love for adventure, you need skills. How fast will you escape? Will your escape be successful?

2. Aground


The Aground game is another of the top games available in the crazy games collection. If you haven’t enjoyed playing this game, then you need to begin doing so now. Aground is a unique game that has garnered a large following of fans that keep increasing their scores every other day. One significant fact why Aground has many fans is the thrill involved in surviving through the levels. In this crazy game, you have to endure living in nowhere land. You don’t have any security and have no food with you. You need to ensure your energy level, and the food is reliable at all times.
There are so many dangers and risks that are likely to happen to you during your play. Therefore, it is up to you to ensure that you live through the attacks. Also, you can meet other victims such as yourself in this place, and you can support each other and fight the enemies together.

3. Paper Minecraft

Paper Minecraft

It is an all-appropriate game that is going to become a favorite game for your younger children. However, Paper Minecraft is not a child game as even adults have found the game interesting. Like all other Minecraft games, survival is critical for you to remain alive in the game. You will have to find reliable resources for you to build sturdy shelters that can withstand the monsters at night.
Well, the game is not all about survival. You are allowed to take your creativity to the next level. Think of any structure and you are allowed to create one. Take your time and build as many shelters as possible. You can also work on the topography and build dams or make utility holes in the forest. Try Paper Minecraft for free.

Clicker games

Well, sometimes you want a game that you could pass the time with and avoid too much action. For such times, crazy games has got you covered with our rich list of clicker games that you can enjoy playing when you want something relaxing. This genre of games involves a simple playing style where the player uses the mouse to point and click. Unlike, most online game sites, our list of clicker games is unbeatable. You do not want to miss the fun.

Crazy games – Top 3 clicker games

1. Tube clicker

Tube clicker

If you have a thing for business at heart, you need to launch your browser now and begin making money. The game works similarly as YouTube does. Therefore, the more views you have for your video, the more money you make. Are you ready to make money? How much can you make in your lunch break? Well, you can’t know for sure unless you play. It is a game for both adults and kids. However, your youngsters might like it more than you do.

2. Pizza Clicker

Pizza clicker

Everyone loves pizza, who doesn’t? Forget the aroma and the great taste of pizza for now, for, in the Pizza clicker, you too can become a global pizza business. It is not an all-involving game that will stress you further after a dreary day at the office. All you need to do is make clicks that will generate money for you. The more income you earn, you can use it to upgrade your pizza shop or get some dainty flavors that will increase your income further. Let’s make money in the Pizza clicker game.

3. Grindcraft


Forget trying to cheer yourself with Facebook on Saturday when you don’t have anything to do. With this all-new crazy game unblocked, you can make merry all weekend long. The game is easy to play, but the levels increase gradually, which makes it the best game for you and your friends. Don’t get left behind, Play GrindCraft.

.io games

Do you fancy shooting games? Are you looking for the ultimate battle games? Well, if you haven’t visited the crazy games .io games category, then you are missing out the fun. This collection of games involves multiplayer games that you and your friends across the globe can enjoy playing together despite your location. You can add the thrill and see who shoots the other one first. Also, you don’t have to play with friends; you can always meet new players on this platform and make new friends.

Crazy game – The best io games

1. Slither io

Slither io

Everyone thought the snake game that graced our mobile phones a decade ago died with time. However, the legendary snake lives on in this slope crazy games category. Like the previous version of the game where you ate food to grow and remain alive, here too you need to eat for you to grow. (Everyone does it anyway)
What makes the game astounding? Well, this crazy online game has a multiplayer mode, and thus you and your pals can play slither together in the comfort of your rooms. You can take the fun to niche levels by eating smaller snakes to reduce the competition for food. How long do you think you can last? Do you want to find out?

2. MooMoo. Io

MooMoo io

If you are looking forward to finding a game that will help you have fun, then you need to play the MooMoo game today and experience the world of .io games. MooMoo is all about adventure and survival. Don’t you want to find out how strong your survival skills can become in a world full of troubles? The first rule in this crazy game is that you need to protect yourself. Build walls around your gathered resources so that none of your enemies can reach them easily. Secondly, you have to find something to eat, and there are plenty of fruit trees where you can gather some for yourself.

3. Agar. Io


In Agario, the rules are quite simple; you either eat others or be eaten. Yes, that’s the spirit in this game. Therefore, as soon as the screen begins to play, you better be watching out or you might become somebody’s food. The game is somewhat colorful, and your younger kids might find this game appealing, as the colors will impress them. Nothing can go wrong in a world full of colorful cells. It is time you ate, grow and multiplied. Can you do so?

Puzzle games

Well, it is hard not to agree that not everyone is into playing too much action games; some want games that will entice their brains and pass the time. Crazy games has also got you covered with the puzzle category that you need to check out soon. These games increase the level of complexity gradually, and thus you can always compete with friends by seeing how far you can get. Do you think you have what it takes to reach the highest level?

Crazy games- The top 3 puzzle games

1. Cut the rope

cut the rope

Cut the rope is a unique game that requires you to think of your next action and possible repercussions before acting. Unlike other games where you avoid being eaten by monsters, here you are supposed to feed the monster. The gameplay is quite simple only that before you cut the rope, you must ensure that the food goes into the mouth of the beast. Are you creative? Well, you need a lot of that to go up the levels of the cut the rope game. Test yourself!

2. Snail Bob

Snail Bob

Well, if you have enjoyed the legendary animation series Sponge Bob and his snail pet, then this game will satisfy your hunger for more fun. The whole game surrounds the life of the snail character. You must ensure he remains safe, unharmed and achieves his dream home adventure. It is essential that you earn yourself at least two stars in each level but if you have a thing for success, then treat yourself to all the three stars.
It is a user-friendly game that your family can all play if you want to make your child smile before going to bed. Put that smile on yourself too and try how well you can act ‘god’ in Snail Bob’s life.

3. Bloxorz


The main reason why this game scores well in the crazy games bullet force category is that you can treat yourself to up to 33 levels. Yeah, forget the worries that you might complete all the levels and have nothing to do. Bloxorz is more than just a game to pass the time. It’s a skill builder and helps you become a better person. How? You must have patience and logical thinking if at all you will succeed in playing the Bloxorz game.
Launch your browser the next time you are on break and see how well you do in this crazy puzzle game. You are going to feel your adrenaline rise as you move the cuboid to the target hole. There is no rush in playing this game, as you must ensure the box doesn’t fall over and you lose your points. Play Bloxorz here.

Skill games

If you are looking for something breath-taking that will make your Sunday afternoons great, then you need to check these games that will put your skills to the test. Unlike, other games categories that involve action and a lot of adventure, the skill games test paramount skills such as critical thinking and quick response. How fast can you respond? Do you want to see how quickly you can react? Launch your favorite browser and log on to our website and begin your experiment.

Crazy games- Top 3 skill games to try

1. Flappy bird

Flappy bird

If you are looking for a game that will help you polish your skills, then that game has to be the Flappy bird online game. You have to ensure that the bird flies through the obstacles without hitting them. Avoid flying too high or too low as you lose your life.

2. Uno online

Uno online

It is hard not to agree that at times you want something that will help you calm down after a lot of pressure in the office. During such times, you can try out the Uno online game that will help you relax ahead of a meeting or just before your date arrives at the hotel. This card game is the perfect choice for you.
The game is purely online, which means you don’t have to carry around one device for you to play your card game. All you need is to log in via any device and begin making high scores. Don’t forget to use the Uno button feature in case you run out of cards.

3. Duck Life 3

Duck life 3

In a world where technology advances every other day, Duck Life 3 puts you in the heart of this advancement where you play with the genetically enhanced ducklings. You must ensure they win the races.

Sport games

The sports section has lots of visitors than any other category. In this section, you can choose between the many types of sports available. You can play racing games or football; it is all that makes you happy. Remember, you don’t need massive storage or the hassles of installing these games in your device; all you need is to fish out your phone and begin creating high scores.

Crazy games- top 3 sports games to try

1. Basketball Stars

Basketball stars

You don’t have to live with the feeling that you can’t make it in basketball. This game allows you to play in the NBA league and become the athlete you have always dreamed of becoming. Again, you don’t have to sweat it! Play in the comfort of your room with soft music in the background or with some popcorn. Don’t get hurt play this game and experience the world of crazy games unblocked series.

2. Hockey Shootout

Well, it is a sad reality that most websites leave out the hockey lovers and most of them don’t have any games of that genre. But, that shouldn’t worry you any more. Play the hockey shootout online version in the website of the crazy games and experience the feeling of being in a hockey match.

3. Tennis Legends

Tennis legends crazy games

This legendary crazy game allows you to play with your favorite real-life players. Will you play against Serena or is it Nadal? Well, it is up to you to make that choice and begin playing either against an AI opponent of your best friend that enjoys tennis.

You have always wanted to be the one briefing your friends on games updates. Here is an opportunity knocking your door. Check out our site regularly for this and other games.

Well, you were patient enough to read this long, long article. Firstly, I must say Thank You for your time and secondly I want to share a bonus game with you. Although it didn’t make the list, it is one of my favorite online games in which you can build your own fantasy city – Elvenar.