Bloxorz – Play the top puzzle game in 2020


Bloxorz – move the block to fall into the hole

Gameplay, rules, and tips of Bloxorz:

Bloxorz is a very addictive puzzle game which tests your patience, logic and problem-solving thinking. The goal of the game is pretty simple – you should move the block into the hole without falling off the edge. It has 33 levels in total and this game will truly test the abilities of your brain. Get the block to fall into the square hole to progress to the next level. Use the keyboard’s arrows to move the block in the desired direction and try to place it into the hole. It might seem to you as an easy task to do, at least in the first levels, however, it gets harder as you progress. Make sure to take into account the position of the block, the obstacles, the position of the hole and the levels’ space.

Moreover, there are a variety of obstacles such as bridges which require a switch to be activated. Or such as tiles that disappear should you land on them, so be careful. Try to complete all 33 levels as quick as you can, we are still struggling 🙂
Enjoy and game!

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