The Best Places to play Backgammon online

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Where to play backgammon online? Top 7 websites to try

Board games such as backgammon go a long way back in human history and provide an exciting experience for players involved. The main point of focus for these games is usually the ability to think critically on every prospective move and luck to beat the opponent. Lucky for us, this awesome experience can be felt online by playing through our computers and phones. Listed below are some of the best online places to play backgammon.

247 backgammon online

247 backgammon online

This website is solely dedicated to backgammon, and it is an excellent place to start your online gaming experience. Backgammon requires two players, and this website offers two alternatives for gameplay. You can opt to play with an online opponent such as yourself or better yet play with a computer. Not everyone has the same playing capabilities, and for this reason, you have five difficulty levels to choose from, whether you are a beginner or an expert.
Play 247 backgammon.

Playok backgammon online

playok backgammon online

This is a Polish gaming website that houses all manner of games from board games to card games. It is interesting to note that this website facilitates online live gaming with real opponents playing in real-time. You have an option of joining in as a guest or sign up as a new user. Once inside the website, you can start a new game, join an opponent for a game, or watch an ongoing game. Try Playok backgammon here.

Aol backgammon online

aol backgammon online

Aol games provide a whole array of games to play online through your device. Backgammon is one of the provisions listed in the website. The backgammon interface on the website jumps straight to the gaming, providing you with a list of options. First off, the ‘Play now’ and ‘Play match’ buttons will take you directly to the backgammon game. By clicking ‘Play now,’ you will be playing with a computer whereas clicking ‘Play match’ will match you with an actual opponent. You can also watch ongoing games and occupy the seat on such games once the current game ends. Play Aol backgammon online.

Agame backgammon online

Agame is an interactive website that provides backgammon in an online platform. By visiting this website, you will play Egyptian backgammon, which is just backgammon. An exciting feature in the game is that you could register and build your rank against other online competitors. This is an excellent way to match your prowess in the game against other players online. Better still, you could play as a guest and compete without the ranks and levels, which is always fun. Play backgammon online on

Aarp backgammon online

aarp backgammon online

You are sure to find some exciting games on the Aarp website. Among these, you will discover backgammon, which you are sure to enjoy playing. The site is clean with the play button for the game clearly visible in a yellow button. Below is a list of the day’s high scorers with their names and scores. It gives an impression of competition which will surely motivate you. The backgammon game itself is relatively fast making it even more enjoyable. Play backgammon online on AARP. backgammon backgammon online

This website is focused entirely on board games and card games. On launching the website, you will be greeted with a simple webpage displaying all the games available. Backgammon is, in fact, the first game provided here. The game itself is quite easy to play, and the interface is uncluttered and straightforward. No logins are required for multiplayer but only a game name you will use. Therefore you can enjoy playing against a computer or multiplayer. Try backgammon.

Msn backgammon online

msn backgammon online multiplayer

Msn provides an alternative to play backgammon as well. With a beautiful interface and intuitive gameplay, it is easily one of the best places to play backgammon online. Multiplayer is a huge plus, too, so we highly recommend you try backgammon on MSN.

Backgammon – setup, rules, and strategy

Backgammon is played on a board with 12 long triangles on each side numbered from 1-24 representing the points. At the start of the game, a specified number of checkers are arranged on specific points. Movement of the checkers by the players must be from opposing directions controlled by the rolling of a die.

A player’s checkers may occupy any unoccupied point on the board. Also, a point with only one opponent’s checker can be held, forcing the checker to stay on the bar in the middle; this is known as ‘blot’ or ‘hit.’ Such checkers can only re-enter the game through the home board. To win, players need to move all their checkers to the home board from whence they will work to bear them off.

The best advice to playing backgammon is avoiding being hit, which will force you to trail behind your opponent. The first strategy is applying the ‘running game’ which is moving quickly, this is best applicable while ahead. Secondly is the ‘priming game,’ a strategy meant to slow the opponent by covering consecutive points on the board. Finally, the “backgame” strategy involves creating two or more points in the opponent’s home ground to hit them and slow them down.

FAQs backgammon

How to play backgammon?

The objective of backgammon is to move your checkers on the board to finally bear them off the board. The roll of a dice determines the moves by each player. Each number obtained from the dice represents the number of steps on the board. Movement of the checkers is anticlockwise towards the upper right-hand quadrant of the board. Finally, once all the checkers are in the specified quadrant, you may begin to bear them off the board.

Can you play backgammon online?

Yes. You can play through your computer or phone. This would be against another player or a computer.

Why is backgammon called backgammon?

Backgammon is an ancient game with its early versions played in Mesopotamia. The term ‘backgammon’ has closely been translated and related to ‘back’ and ‘gamen’ which means ‘play.’ The two words, therefore, form “back-play” which is reminiscent of the anticlockwise movements in the game.

What is the best online backgammon game

It pretty much depends on what you consider as the best, however, the listed top 7 places in the article are probably the best places to play backgammon online: 247 backgammon, playok, AOL backgammon, AARP backgammon, MSN backgammon, or on

Play backgammon online here

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