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The Ark Cheats That You Should Know

You can use ark cheats in Single and Multiplayer mode, as long as you are an admin in charge of the server. As the admin, you can open up the admin console by going to the menu and pressing RB+LB+X+Y on Xbox One or R1+L1+Triangle+Square on PS4.

A little bit more about Ark

Developed by Studio Wildcard, Ark is an action-adventure survival video game. Studio Wildcard collaborated with other companies including Virtual Basement, Efecto Studios, and Instinct Games to make Ark a success. The game was released on 29, August 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux.

Ark cheats

The player in the game must display resilience and survive being stranded in an island full of prehistoric creatures such as dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the island. You can research the area, grow crops, harvest resources, hunt, craft items, research new technologies as well as build shelters.

Fortunately, ark game enthusiasts can now alter their ark gaming skills using console commands. Ark cheats are very common in PC, Xbox and PS which allows easy taming of the prehistoric creatures, crafting of weapons and objects and so many other skills to unlock. A requisite needed to take charge of the ark cheat is becoming an admin in charge of the server. This position comes with lots of perks.  As the admin, you can open up the admin console by going to the menu and pressing RB+LB+X+Y on Xbox One or R1+L1+Triangle+Square on PS4.


Single Player Ark Cheats

Single players can strictly follow this ark cheat commands. Press TAB to bring up the cheat console. From there, you can enter the following codes and press ENTER to unlock the corresponding effects.

Code – Effect

Give engrams – All crafting tools are unlocked

Walk – Deactivates “Fly” cheat

Set cheat player false – Disables Menu

God – The God mode becomes enabled

Set cheat player true – Menu becomes enabled

Toggle Infinite Ammo – Infinite ammo is enabled

Give resources – Receive 50 of each resource

Teleport – Teleport forward in the direction you’re facing

Fly – You can fly

Set time of day – You can set the time of day to suit your choice


Multiplayer Ark Cheats

Enable cheat menu – Set cheat player true

Disable cheat menu – Set cheat player false

Whitelists a player – Cheat Allow Player to Join No Check

Remove player from whitelist – Cheat Disallow Player to Join No Check

Broadcast message to everyone – Cheat broadcast

Set login message – Cheat Set Message of the Day

God mode; can still drown – Cheat God

Flight mode –  Cheat Fly

Disable Flight mode – Cheat Walk

Teleport to pointer – Cheat Teleport

Location and stops crafting – Cheat players only

Walk through objects – Cheat Ghost

Tames dinosaur;

Can ride without a saddle – Cheat force tame

Gain indicated amount of experience – Cheat add experience [experience points] 0 0

+50 of all resource – Cheat give resources

Unlimited hunger, stamina, ammo, etc. – Cheat infinite stats

Ban a user – Ban player

Unban a user  – Unban player

Damages targeted creature – Cheat damage target [number]

Destroy all enemies – Cheat destroy all enemies

Unlock all crafting recipes1 –  Give engrams

Damage yourself – Player hurts itself

Toggle visibility of currently equipped weapon, tool, or hands  – Toggle gun

Set time of day – Cheat set time of day to your preference

Teleport to coordinates – Cheat set player’s bearing

If you know any other cheat code that is not listed in this article, please share it in the comments section below, so we can update the list.

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Ark console commands