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AOL games
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AOL Games – Free online games to try

Escaping reality is the best way to pass time. AOL Games provides you with the best tools you need for this mission. Choose from a wide category of games including board games, card games, casino, puzzles among others.

Here are some of our highly ranked games you can play on

AOL Games Chess

aol games chess

The board game gives you a nice touch of the old-century noble culture. Embrace the opportunity to test your abstract reasoning capabilities while under a time constraint. You can choose to play against the computer or other players in the online platform. Advance your pawns and make sure you do not give out your queen first. However, there is a slight lag when loading the game in a limited internet connection that sometimes disconnects you from the play. Be sure to have a steady internet connection especially when playing against an online opponent.
Chess on aol.

Spider Solitaire

aol games spider solitaire

Spider solitaire gives you the thrill of eliminating cards from the tableau after arranging them in a descending sequence. Your cards are dealt while facing down. Arrange the cards in a descending suit sequence and send them to the foundations. The more the cards, the more the fun. You will win only when all the foundations are filled with the cards arranged from King to Ace. However, you will experience some drag when moving the cards across the screen. There are also too many ads popping up before and during the game that goes a long way in disrupting the fun.
Spider Solitaire

AOL Games Pinochle

aol games pinochle

Pinochle opens you to the world of trick-taking and card-melding. The four-player game uses two decks each having forty cards. The cards only comprise of Aces, Tens, Kings, Queens and Jacks. Your partner is positioned across from you, while those on your sides are the opponents. The purpose of the game is to gain points by melding combinations of cards that are in your hand while taking tricks having Aces, Tens and Kings. Twenty cards are dealt before bidding is done. The winner of the bid gets to declare the trump suit. The con in Pinochle is that during gameplay, there are instances when you experience a delay before the cards are dealt.
Play Pinochle online here.

Just Words

aol games just words

If you are a fan of Scrabble, then this is a game for you. Start by selecting random letters. Play by placing the letter tiles you have selected on the virtual board to form new words. The succeeding plays must cross at least one of the words already on the board. Letters are assigned points that accumulate to crown the winner. X and Z are considered rare, therefore, try and have these gems with you as they score more points. The main disadvantage of this game is that it fails to capture a lot of vocabularies, especially for indigenous languages. You will have to stick to the basic words if you want to score well.
Play Just Words free online here.

Lucky Break 8 Ball

Lucky break 8 ball

This is the pool game that is known to everyone. The online game brings you the opportunity to play your online opponents at the comfort of your seat. The first player to pocket a ball is assigned to either shoot at the solids or the stripes group depending on the ball that was hit. Every time you sink one of the balls in your group, you are awarded another shot. Sink the 8-ball after you have all the balls in your group sank. All fouls committed are punished by awarding your opponent a shot. You will have to agree that playing the pool game on the screen does not give the same sense of originality as in the real world. Directing the cue ball is also another challenge, which results in many shots being missed. There are also instances when the game fails to register the scores accumulated.
Try here.

Star Defender 4

Star defender 4

This action-packed arcade game is all you need as you fight the aliens in the galaxy. Practice your shooting skills and save the human race from the grotesque strangers. You will have to pass the mission objectives and beat the Boss before you succeed. Choose your weapons well and make sure they are always upgraded. You may encounter some lag as the game processes heavy graphical contents. The game also tends to freeze when you try to connect to the chat channel.
To star defender 4.

AOL Games Bingo

aol games bingo

If you consider yourself lucky, try Bingo! As a player, you will have to match numbers printed on your card to the numbers that are drawn randomly by the ‘host’. The advantage of online AOL free online bingo is that it is readily available at your convenience. However, you may notice that you have to hit the numbers a couple of times in some instances, especially when they start to blink. This minimizes your chances of winning. Moreover, you can
Play Bingo on AOL.

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