Age of Empires 3 cheats – The complete cheats list

Age of Empires 3 cheats

All Age of Empires 3 cheats on one place

Following the article for Age of Empires 2 cheats, we have received many request for publishing similar list for Age of Empires 3 cheats, so we have prepared it.

To activate the cheat code:
While playing the game, hit “Enter” and type in the code. Then hit “Enter” again to see the effect.

As in the previous list – there are 4 fields in the table: Where to type the code, Code, Effect, and Type. First 3 are self-explnatory but “Type” is the one that will help you find a cheat by the area it affects. For example, if you are looking for a cheat connected to the map, it will be marked as “Map” in the column Type, or if you are looking for a cheat that affects on animals – “Animals” and etc. All tables are sortable, so you can easily find the cheat you need

All Age of Empires 3 cheats

Chat windowCodeEffectType
Chat Windowa recent study indicated that 100% of herdables are obeseMakes all the animals on the map bigger - more food (helps opponents, too).Resources
Chat WindowGive me liberty or give me coin10 000 CoinResources
Chat WindowMedium Rare Please10 000 FoodResources
Chat Window10 000 WoodResources
Chat WindowNova & Orion10 000 Experience pointsExperience
Chat WindowX marks the spotReveals the map but keeps the fog of war.Map
Chat Windowtuck tuck tuckTommynator - a very powerful monster truckSpecial Unit
Chat Windowya gotta make do with what ya gotMediocre bombard - a powerful artillery that fires CapybaraSpecial Unit
Chat Windowsooo goodTells which unit killed whichInformation
Chat Windowspeed always winsincreases build, research, shipment, and gather rates by 100 (affects all players)Speed
Chat Windowthis is too hardWins a single player game instantlyWin
Chat Windowwhere's that axe?Spawns George Crushington (one of the most powerful units in the games)Special Unit
Chat Windowa whole lot of love10 000 of all resourcesResources
Chat Windowo Canada 2005Lazerbear - a powerful unit that fires lasers from its eyesSpecial Unit
Chat Windowdon't kick the pitbullLearicorn - strong unit but with only 600 HPSpecial Unit
Chat Windowwe <3 fluffy!1!Fluffy - a dog unit with HP 600, easily killed by ranged attacksSpecial Unit
Chat Windowwuv woo vol.2Flying Purple Tapir Special unit
Chat Windowwee ooh wee oohBigAndy - a powerful monster truck, similar to Tommynator Special unit
Chat WindowShiver me Timpers!Destroys all the enemy boats on the mapBoats

Age of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties cheats

Note: All cheats from Age of Empires 3 cheats table are applicable for The Asian Dynasties.

Chat windowCodeEffectType
Chat windowtrade plzProvides 10 000 exportsResources
Chat windowmustard relish and burning oilSpawns a Hotdog CartSpecial Unit
Chat windowding ding dingSpawns an Ice CreamSpecial Unit

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