The Top 10 Addicting Games to Check-in 2019

Top 10 addicting games
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The Best addicting games

The best way to spice up a dull day is simply having one game or games on your computer or mobile device that you can play in your free time. You don’t need to own a game machine to enjoy these most addicting games; all you need is a laptop or a smart device such as a smartphone or tablet. It is undeniable that choosing an excellent game is hard, but you can bypass that process and visit this site and select one from our list of games online.

The following is a list of the most addictive games to play in 2019

10. Fish vs Chicken

addicting games - fish vs chicken

It is among the best action addicting games to play in 2019 and you shouldn’t miss having to download it in your device. Well, the game is a bit unnatural owing to the fact that fish and chicken don’t meet in real life. Nevertheless, it is a game that you and your children will enjoy playing before bedtime.

The game is age appropriate for all people. However, the only major con is that children are more likely to fall in love with the game. The cartoon features in the game are friendlier to kids than adults.Play free online here.

9. Trump Run

addicting games - trump run

Well, it is undeniable everyone will love playing with the Donald Trump animated character in the trump run game. It scores highly on the list of addicting action games that you need to try out this year. It is easy to play and will help you reduce the pressure of sitting in the cab on your way home from work. Among the reasons why you need to try out this game is that the levels increase gradually giving you ample time to adapt to the change.

Trump Run involves you helping the trump hop down the blocks without him falling. You are likely to find it a challenge but all the same that’s the drive that will push you into playing it. 

However, the game fails to save your progress. Therefore, whenever you fail and the game ends, you are going to restart from the start, which is quite quashing. Play here.

8. Kingdom Rush

addicting games - kingdom rush

One interesting fact about strategy games as Kingdom Rush is that you have to follow a plan to counter your enemies, failure to do so and you fail. In this game, you have to fight to retain control over the kingdom. Your enemies will try to attack you and get past your defence. You have to fight back to ensure they don’t get past your archers. You can download this game on your phone or play it online with other players across the globe. (That must raise the adrenaline, doesn’t it?)

The only con is that perhaps it is an indulging game that will take a lot of your time. Play free online here.

7. Math Buzz

math buzz addicting games

Who says math is hard? Whoever thinks so has not played math buzz because it makes using math a walk in the park. You can now utilize your math skills to play games on your phone. (Hopefully, it will help you raise your math scores) In the puzzle games addicting games category, you can now use basic knowledge to play games that will leave you feeling like a guru. Are you up to the challenge?

The game is appropriate for people of all ages. However, the authors designed it more child-friendly than for adults. For adults, it may seem childish to continue playing the game until you reach higher levels.
Play online here for free.

6. World Wars 2

addicting games - world wars 2

Another addicting game under the strategy category is the world wars 2, which is an upgrade of the world wars. It takes you years back when it was messy and action-packed. In this contest, you are the captain of your team and you have to lead them into victory. You need tactics that will outsmart your foe. Remember that if you don’t win you die! It’s challenging but it is worth a try!

However, World wars 2 is not an all age appropriate game. It is a game best suited for teenagers and above. It is up to you to select how many soldiers you want to fight per session, the more your opponents the more difficult it is.

It is a violent game and might influence your Christian groomed kids. It would be disappointing to bring them up in a Christian way and have them spoilt overnight in a game on the phone. Play world wars 2 here for free.

5. Legendary Warrior – Globin Rush

addicting games - legendary warrior - Globin Rush

It’s an all age appropriate game that qualifies as a top ten addicting puzzle game in 2019. You shouldn’t miss playing this game for the world. Forget the guns, missiles, jets and all that modern equipment. In contrast, the Legendary warrior has to use a bow and arrow to defeat his enemies. Are you up to the challenge? Do you believe you have what it takes to beat the scary enemies? You need to try it yourself either on your phone or online.

The game is somewhat unique because of using the bow and arrow but surprisingly you don’t get an upgrade even after progressing from one level. Play free here.

4. Sniper Team

sniper team

In the shooting addicting games category, stands Sniper Team game that scores among the best shooting games. You need to get your gun and get ready to shoot. Equally important, you need to sit in your favourite position so that it becomes easier to focus and aim at your opponents.

In this game, you are either a member of the winning team or losers. It is up to you to make that choice. Between you and winning is your gun; your job being to protect the base. 

It is an all age appropriate game. Nevertheless, you are going to find that only the elder kids enjoy the game, as the levels are too difficult for the younger ones. Also, it takes too long to load in some devices which is frustrating. Play free sniper team here.

3. Solitaire Klondike

Klondike Addicting games

In the Klondike addicting games section, you can play solitaire like never before. Forget the complex games with action, and violence, you can bypass all that and sit behind your device and play cards all day. You can even play music as you play this game. It is a game for all people from kids to the elderly.

The game fails to meet the standards of the modern solitaire games. It lacks a jack of spades. Is that enough? Well, there is no animation once you complete your cards. The authors must have overlooked the entire design of the game.
Play Klondike Addicting games here.

2 Escape the Prison

addicting games - escape the prison

If you are into movies, you are going to enjoy playing the escape the prison game on your mobile phone. It scores as the best run addicting games in 2019 that you should try out. Be among the first people to attempt escaping from prison and see how long it takes you. You are in prison and trapped but you are innocent of any transgressions and need to get out soon. It needs to be fast and seamless, otherwise, you will get caught, so don’t waste time.

You may find that the challenge is not thrilling at all. Although for some, it takes them minutes to find their way out, for others seconds is all it takes.
Play Escape the Prison free here.

If you like it, you could also try a 3D Kogama Escape from prison version here.

1 Bowman 2

addicting games - bowman 2

Want something entertaining that won’t stress your Saturday? You need to download the Bowman 2 game. Unlike other shooting games that will want you to focus and stay attentive as you play it, Bowman requires you to relax and enjoy the flow. It is a game that people of all ages will find addicting. You better not have some food on the microwave when you launch it, as you might have to skip that meal. (It is that addicting!)

Well, launching the game you are going to realize that all you need to do is shoot at the apples. If that is not boring to you, then wait till you hear the music and bummer effects in the game. The producers need to work on the game! It needs upgrades! Play free online Bowman 2.

These are the top ten addicting games that you need to try out soon!

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